Sunday, January 13, 2008

Technical Difficulties~

Technical Difficulties~ that is what we seem to be having here again!! YUCK! So now I have missed a few days for 365! :( I was a little bit bummed, but not all that concerned. There will be times over the year that I will not have access to a computer or internet and won't be able to post on those days, so I had said from the beginning that I was going to try to post 365 entries to my blog this year. :) That is a good goal, and similar to the blog 365! ;)
Lauren and Brooke are sleeping... soundly! They were tired, but didn't want to take a nap. Every time I tried to get them in their room for nap they would tell me "Nah... I'm good." lol too funny.
Trevor is laying in our bedroom watching Pirates of the Caribbean... which I know isn't totally age appropriate, but he LOVES it and really doesn't understand the "bad" stuff... so we (his dad) lets him watch it. Trevor mostly thinks the entire movie is sooo funny! And, he LOVES pirates. That was his birthday theme when he turned 3! This last birthday we didn't do a theme. Just a ton of balloons and it was outdoors.
Now that I'm totally OT (off topic) I'm going to roll with it... this year for the kids birthdays... because they are only a week apart, I think I'm going to do a Carnival theme for them, like they did on John & Kate plus 8! I think that is an awesome idea... then everyone will have a blast. Plus, thankfully, we have enough family and friends to help us get it all set up and build things for it... and they can all also "work" a booth or a game station. I am already looking for things every now and then for the party... just so that if I start to pick up things here and there, it won't be so crazy as it gets closer. ~ Did I mention their birthdays are the end of September and the beginning of October?? Yeah. So I know I have time, but this is good to have a plan and work towards a goal. :)
Some other plans I have this year... not the "R" word, (resolutions) just plans and goals that I MUST carry out and execute are:
  1. Clean Sweeping my house ~ Every. Single. Room. and every single space and place in the house and around the house!!
  2. While Clean Sweeping my house... I'm going to also fix up each room and make it "like-new" again. Refresh the paint, and steam clean the carpets, get new bedding, and window dressings and really make us like our house again.
  3. Taking the kids outside EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. possible. If it isn't hailing or sleeting or so cold you think you will die, I'm going to take the kids out to play and get fresh air. Also, I really need to get off my bum more often and do some things like that too.
  4. Take more care and responsibility with my digital pictures.

That is all for now. I have a few more things on my list of things TO DO in 2008! But, that is all for now. I think to post or think about 4 things at a time is a good way to do them all and not be over whelmed and as I accomplish things I can knock them right off the list and add something else... and continue on my way!

Well for now I'm off to take care of some more pictures... then I think I'm going to do some Clean Sweeping in my bedroom... or maybe not. :) lol


Sandy C. said...

Wow! Those are some great "plans" for this year :) Isn't it liberating to have a clean and tidy place....It always makes me feel a bit better....but I rarely ever do it because it's such an undertaking.

The carnival party sounds great! Take lots of pics! I had no idea their birthdays are only a week apart....that's pretty hectic!

Lil Mouse said...

some churches or organizations may have games already built. try the lions club or women's charity organizations in your area. they probably have 2 or three games in their basement and would be willing to loan....

Marla Ellis said...

Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by..

Your Friend,

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clickmom said...

I am all over resolution 3 and 4 but personally 1 and 2 would do me in. If you can do it, more power to you and how do you feel like helping out a fellow blogger? My house is permanently messy. I consider it part of my charm but wouldn't stop an army of volunteers who decided to organize me.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~