Monday, January 14, 2008

Past due pictures...

This is a picture of Jillian that Trevor drew for her to take to Jerry since he wasn't able to come over that night. He also wrote her name on the bottom all on his own, of course she spelt it for him. :)

Heather and I at Desiree's dad's birthday party
Me, Linda and Desiree at her dad's birthday party 12.07
Santa delivered... this is Christmas 2007

Trevor just laying so sweetly on the couch... 12.07

Lauren the first day of 2008!
Decorations that the kids painted for the table for Thanksgiving 11.07
close up of the table decorations 11.07
Heather, Des & Jillian at birthday party 12.07
Trevor and Des at birthday party 12.07

Heather and I at birthday party 12.07
Heather & Chris New Years Eve 2007!
Me and Bryan New Years Eve 2007!
Jerry, Me & Chris doing the "Pop! Lock! & Drop It!" New Years Eve 2007!
Ryan & Desiree New Years Eve 2007!

Picture of Brooke that Lauren took, one of the many times she got her little hands on my camera 11.07 (?)
Trevor at birthday party 12.07
Brooke & Heather at birthday party 12.07
Heather & Jillian ~ birthday party 12.07
Jillian, Heather, Me & Desiree at birthday party 12.07
Lauren with Trevor's hat and boots on ... looking so freakin' cute! 10.07
Lauren again, with Trevor's hat on, she loves to wear baseball hats
Lauren making her own little fashion statement, tights and Trevor's rubber boots with his bookbag too! 12.07
Lauren again. 12.07

Lauren with a lollipop stuck in what little hair she has. Thankfully it was really easy to get out. :)
Lauren sleeping on the floor in her room for nap... they were playing in their room and I guess Lauren had enough playing and just fell fast asleep. I put the pillow under her head and covered her up. 11 or 12.07
Brooke the same day of Lauren sleeping on the floor, obviously not feeling quite as tired as Lauren. lol She is happily making that face, laughing and thinking I should have her binky. 11 or 12.07
Brooke finally laying down, but still not sleeping.
A close up of Lauren. So sweet.
Lauren again with Trev's baseball hat. I love that smile.

Horsing around. lol this was taking after we had done some Christmas shopping and had some lunch. Way past nap time and still smiling. 12.07
Me, in Macy's with a wig that they had in the store, that they weren't at all happy that I had tried on. Lighten up Macy's worker!!! 11.07
Me again in a weird mood of trying things on my head, I guess. But I do like this hat a lot... it was so soft and so comfy and I'm sure it would be nice and warm. 11.07
Jillian entertaining Heather and I while we ate at Johnny Rockets. 11.07
Brooke & Lauren relaxing in the laundry basket on nice warm clothes just out of the dryer. 12.07
Jillian & Me at one of Heather's bday parties. 10.07
Jillian & Heather at one of Heather's bday parties 10.07
Jillian, Des & Me at one of Heather's bday parties. 10.07
Heather and Me at one of her bday parties. 10.07
Heather, Desiree & Jillian at, once again, one of Heather's bday parties 10.07
Trevor, Lauren, Desiree & Brooke decorating Gingerbread Cookies, that Desiree brought over for them to make together. 12.07
Heather making her Gingerbread Cookie. 12.07
Desiree and her Gingerbread Man. 12.07
Lauren and her Gingerbread Man. 12.07
Some of our greatest creations! 12.07
Cowboy Trevor. Looking mighty cute! 11.07
Trevor, this winter. Actually the first day we got snow. :)
Trevor enjoying some of the new snow... at least someone is happy about it.
Desiree, Lauren, Trevor and Brooke making their Gingerbread men... these pictures are all out of order but I'm not about to try to fix them, then they just get worse. ;) 12.07
Candy for making Gingerbread Cookies. 12.07
Beautiful sunset.... this was taken while we were driving to my parents house on Christmas Eve for dinner & drinks 12.07
this was an amazing circle in the clouds of blue sky, it was so perfect, but the trees are kind of in the way in the picture. But it does show how cold and yucky and terrible winter looks around here. 11.07
Brooke, a girl after my own heart. A phone in each hand. lol 12.07
Brooke just looking so damn cute! 12.07
Brooke with Trevor's dragon shield on... you never know when you might go into battle. 12.07


Marlee said...

I think you MORE than made up for missed posts with getting all your pics organized and posted--very impressive (I'm so far behind!)

Oh, and checkout to help you with your To-Dos #1 & 2! That website has SAVED MY LIFE since having kids! ;)

Good luck!

Sandy C. said...

WHOA!!! Them's a lot of pics! You are so organized and good with your pics :) Those were wonderful..., and what a fun group you are! ROFL at the pop, lock and drop!!!!! And the lollipop in hair is too much :) Brook e and lauren are gorgeous...I love their little curls! And Trevor is going to be a heart breaker :) Good luck with that, hun ;)

thanks so much for sharing all of those!

~RaenWa~ said...

Great pics stuffy Macy workers are no fun lol your kids are just to cute I can see your husband chasing the boys away from his daughters and you chasing the girls way from your son lol

Annie said...

Your kids are so adorable!! They look like a lot of fun.

Yay pictures! I do love the sunset!

Nina said...

Beautiful kids - great pics. I like the one of the sunset, too.

Adrienne said...

I miss those little kid pictures, all head and eyes, with stick arms and legs. Now my boys draw war scenes...sigh.

Thanks for visiting me! You can add me to your blogroll, thanks for asking! I'll add you to mine too!

radioactive girl said...

I love the pictures!

Jennifer said...

Marlee ~ thanks for the web address. I took a peek at it. Seems like it will really help me out. :) I still have a million and one pictures to do something with and also some that I would like to post... but we'll see.

Sandy ~ We are usually fun, and crazy! ;) I'm tellin' ya, next New Years Eve, you, Ella and your hubby have to come! Tons of fun!! You could be pop, lockin' and droppin' it with us. lol ;) You have a little heart throb on your hands too! :) Thanks for all the compliments!

Rae ~ you are totally right... stuff Macy works are the WORST! lol thanks for the comment. I got to get over to your page in a little. :)

Annie ~ I love the sunset one too. I have a pic of sunset that just makes my heart skip a beat, but it is old and not on digital and I don't have a scanner. :( I love pictures, and I take a million, I just have to get better with posting them more often. :)

Nina ~ thanks for the comment... like I told Annie, I have a better sunset one... but it is old. And, although I'm partial, I will agree that I do have beautiful kids... thank you! :)

Adrienne ~ Trevor just started drawing people with detail. :) I do love the people pics. He also tries to draw mazes, which he loves to do, and he is getting better at it. I'm sure the war scenes will come one day. lol Thanks for the add... I'm going to put you on now. :)

Tori~ Thanks for the comment! I'm always a little leary of posting pics of my kids, but I'm sure I have a bunch of people willing to help me hunt down the perv and kill him/her. lol :)

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~