Friday, January 4, 2008

Rough Night

Last night was a rough night.
First of all, we thought Bryan had fixed part of the heating problem with insulating the pipes and some other things. We were sadly mistaken. I think that it only got warmer in the house because we were running a small heater we have in our kitchen, and also because we were all up and moving around it felt warmer. It is cold in here! It is about 52 in the living room and about 54 in the dining room.
The kids rooms aren't too bad, the girls' room seems to be just fine, Trevor's room seems to be a little bit chilly. Thankfully Trevor has mastered the fine art of staying under the covers at night. And, we have him loaded up with blankets and comforters. I think part of the staying under them is that he can't move once we cover him with the hundreds of blankets. ;o)
Lauren didn't even sleep in her room for very long last night so she missed the benefit of having the warmest room in the house.
I'm not sure what was going on with her last night, but I know she isn't feeling well. She went down fine, both her and Brooke did. Then at about 11 pm or so she was crying. Bryan got up with her and tried to comfort her, she only wanted mommy. He also said that she felt wet. So I got up too, and tried to get her to calm down some, was coughing more than crying, and then started to gag. Inevitably she threw up, and then threw up again, and then again and again. It was horrible. I feel so bad when they are sick and I really feel horrible when they throw up. I guess because I hate throwing up so much myself. We got her cleaned up and changed, she wasn't wet from pee, so maybe it was sweat. Maybe I had her bundled up too much, that could have also been what woke her up. I'm not sure.
After getting her all cleaned up and dressed, we tried to put her back in bed. She wanted no part in that. While all this was going on Brooke slept threw most of it, but eventually woke up and was telling Bryan that her ears and teeth hurt her, and she needed new ones. (lol ~ only about needing new ones, not about them hurting her). We told Brooke that Mommy would call the drs in the morning and make her an appointment. (Which I am doing)
Then Lauren and I laid on the couch watching some "Run's House" and then finally she fell asleep. I put her in her bed, she woke up a little bit, but stayed there and fell back to sleep.
At about 3:45 am or so, she was up and crying again. She was calling for me, so I went in and got her, she just wanted to be with me. So I took her in bed with us and she fell fast asleep. Brooke and Lauren have never slept with us, as a matter of fact I have tried other times, when I'm so exhausted and just beat and they won't sleep, to just have them sleep in bed with Bryan and I and they wouldn't. But, I guess last night was different for lil' Miss Lauren. She was happily sleeping right between her Daddy and I all night.
I hope that today we can see the dr. and get things straightened out, and then maybe we will all get some better sleep tonight! (I hope)
Signing off~


Sandy C. said...

OMG! That is freezing! I can hardly stand it when the temps are below 60 outside..nevermind inside at night. So sorry to hear your Lauren kept must be exhausted. I hope the heating gets fixed soon and you ALL get some much needed rest.

Jennifer said...

We had a much better night last night and our house seems to be warming up some, although it is pretty sad that I consider 58-62 warm... especially for indoors. LOL but we will survive. I'll keep typing to keep my hands warm. lol Thanks for your well wishes!!

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