Thursday, January 3, 2008

54 degrees

It has been 54 degrees or it may have even started off at 52 degrees in my living room today. This is NOT right! We had frost on the inside of our door. I took pictures of the thermostat set at 78 and only reading 54. I will try to post them tomorrow, when my fingers thaw out.
Luckily Bryan came home and did some "home improvements" that seem to be working to bring the temp up in the living room, dining room and kitchen. Thank goodness the kids rooms are nice and toasty!
Right now I'm headed off to take a boiling hot shower, put on my flannels and robe some socks and maybe even slip a some thermals in there too, and hop into bed, under my 5 or so layers of comforters, one being a HUGE flannel one and another being a cozy down one, with some others in there for added warm and comfort. (Comfort aka frost bite prevention!)
Stay warm and sleep tight!


sweetisu said...

I hope you're all thawed now. Yikes.

Whenever I go to the office in the morning (basement), it's also about 50 something.. But that's the basement.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Sweetisu,

We are doing much better. Hubby did some "home improvement" type things and we are getting closer to an actual "warm" temp. Today was much better around 65 or so. :) Thank you for your comment and your well wishes!!
Stay warm in your office!!

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