Saturday, January 5, 2008


Shhhhhh... don't tell. They have no idea that I'm here. I wonder just how much I can type before I'm discovered by my kids and my husband. lol.
Thank God for Nick Jr. on demand!! LOVE IT! Could NOT live with out it! I'm not a huge fan of Diego and Dora, only because I have watched them so many times I feel like they live here. But, I wouldn't know what to do with my kids without them.
Bryan is in the shower, and they are all in the living room. I was cleaning up, but of course, we all know how that goes, especially with me. I definitely have a case of Half-Asser disease. Sandy from Momisodes was just talking about that... she practically described me to a T, except I usually do go back and finish up most things. Maybe I'm not so much the half-asser as I am the starter of too many things at one time. Hmmmm... I must have STMTT... that sounds pretty damn serious!
I have been discovered!! Shit!! Lauren is here, begging so politely for gum! I almost want to give it to her just so she will stop hanging on my arm and whining at me... but I can't then she will think that works to get anything she wants. But, truthfully it will, it would and it pretty much does. ~But thankfully I have been saved again... by none other than the Super Hero himself. The man (or should I say boy?) The LEGEND! The ONE that I adore and that I worship... The one on a pedestal, that I compare all others too... none other than the GREAT... D.I.E.G.O!!! Thank you Nick Jr. Thank YOU! You make my life livable, and you make my blog thrive. If it weren't for Nick ~ yes we are that close that I can just call him Nick or sometimes even Nicky... or little Nick... I would have never made it this far. (Really how far have I made it???) I really am grateful for all that Nicky has done for me.


Sandy C. said...

Amen to Nick Jr and On Demand!!! If Diego, Dora and the oh so adorable Wonder Pets didn't make a regular appearance in our house, I'd never get a moment to pee! or cook ....

And yes, I am too afflicted with STMTT!! And there is a ton of evidence all over our house :(

Have a great nite!

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