Sunday, January 6, 2008

I got if all figured out!!

I am so good today. On the ball for realizal. I can't believe I did NOT think of this sooner. Really. It is a revelation!!
Seriously. I found out that I really do not spend too much time on here... and all the other blogs I'm extremely addicted to. Really. I'm not trying to convince myself or you... well okay maybe... but I think I did figure it out... it is just that I need to read and type faster!! I have to work on the speed reading thing-a-majig and quicker typing skills!! So easy, right?? You are totally like, damn she is right on the money, why the hell didn't I think of that before?!?! See I told ya, that I got it all in the bag!
Okay, maybe I'm just making that up so that I can feel better or less bad for being glued to my computer! (although I really don't feel that bad, I just feel like I should be doing something a little different than always being on here, but only a little bit) I just put all my kiddos for naps and the minute I closed their doors, I was right here with my butt stuck on this damn chair typing and reading away! I wonder if there is a help number for blogging?? I wonder what the 10 steps would be for blogging recovery?? Do you think they would give you a blogging buddy? Wow! I wonder if it ever comes to that what they do with you Internet, are you just cut off cold turkey or do they just ween you from blogs and train you to just take care of bills and such on the Internet? I think blogging is therapy, but I can also see needing therapy from blogging over load.
On another note... I officially signed up for the blog 365... although I have been blogging every day since 01.01.08. And, I am loving all the new people that I'm meeting on the 365 crazy train! Not, at all, that I don't love all the people that I already have stalked and have on my blog roll. I still love you, truly I do. As pathetic as it may be, I really consider my blog buddies my "real life" friends too, not just threw the blog waves. :)
So there isn't much else to type/talk about so I'm off to go stalk some other bloggers and see what is up with them... I'm going to see if I can some permissions to add some new peeps to my blog roll. You know how I roll.
Peace my peeps!!
PS I'm listening to the new Chris Brown CD and damn do I heart that boy!! He is sooo freakin' cute and damn can he sing and dance!! My fav is #4... With You! xoxoxox


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