Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen!

( My 2nd Thursday Thirteen!)
Thirteen Things I LOVE about my kids!
  1. I love their breath! They all still have that sweet baby breath. Even Trevor who is 4 has it and the girls have it even though they suck a binky sometimes. hmmm... I just love it.
  2. I love the way their eyes and entire face lights up when they smile.
  3. I love how imaginative and creative they all are!
  4. I love how loving and affectionate they all are. They are that way with me and their father and they are that way with each other and other family members and close friends, they are always ready for a hug and/or kiss.
  5. I love how they love one another... a bond like no other with siblings.
  6. I love how they still need me so much and want me to be part of EVERYTHING they do. I'm aware of the fact that one day this will not be the case. I will then be heart broken and in need of medication and therapy.
  7. I love how forgiving they are. They forgive me for not being a perfect mother, and they are pretty forgiving of one another too!
  8. I love how every day they grow and change and amaze me. I fall in-love with them more and more Every. Single.Day!
  9. I love how happy they are. So carefree and loving life!
  10. I love how a kiss from Mommy or Daddy can make a bump or a boo boo go away just like magic... I hope that life can be that simple for them for a long time!
  11. I love how perfectly their little hand fits right into mine whenever we walk any where.
  12. I love how they all wait outside the bathroom door for me, if I manage to get in there without them... like they haven't seen me in years... and they all hug me like I was gone forever and not 2 mins.
  13. I love EVERY. SINGLE. SOLITARY. THING. about my children. From their beautiful smiles and cuteness to their runny noses and pouting little faces, to their chubby "baby" fingers still to their knobby little knees, their soft baby fine hair to their little button nose and cute little chin, I love their pudgy little feet that sometimes smell like corn chips to their little or not so little temper tantrums, to how hard they can make us laugh and how silly they are. I love how they dance and sing and are so happy to just be. I love the way the say words in their own way, and I love the way they trust so sincerely and love so true and are so honest, Innocent and pure. They are truly amazing little miracles.


Sandy C. said...

I couldn't agree more about them being forgiving :) I love that too! I just hope it lasts well into the teenage years ;) So glad you've decided to do the T-13~!!!

Marlee said...

I love watching mine sleep. :)

Marla Ellis said...

I love everything my son does as took us ten long years to even get pregnant....

OK there is one thing I don't like...LOL..he desided to take a nap today at 6:30 p.m. est.time and didn't wake up until 9:54 p.m..... it is going to be a long night...This I don't


Ecky said...

Ah you make me want to have kids :D

pussreboots said...

Very sweet. Happy TT.

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