Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things that Makes me NUTS!!
  1. Two 2 yr olds crying and whining at me all day long! And for. NO.APPARENT. REASON. WHAT-SO-EVER!
  2. Telling my kids, please pick up you toys about 7 times in a row. Then picking them up myself to save the hassle, going to get the vacuum and come back to the same mess that I. JUST. PICKED. UP. 2. FREAKIN'. MINUTES. AGO!!
  3. My husband calling me just to say hi, then being annoyed at me for being annoyed with the kids and venting to him. He didn't want to hear it. (boo hoo for you! too freakin' bad!)
  4. My husband having the balls to say I'm in a bad mood... well no freakin' shit. I know I'm in a bad mood... that isn't earth shattering news! duh!
  5. My girls haven't had an accident in two whole days in their pull-ups, not ONE... but today in their new underpants, they have each had THREE! Yes! 3! WTH??
  6. Not being able to tell the girls how frustrated I am that they don't pee their pull up AT ALL, but they are peeing their underpants! (can't really scold them, they are only 2 and just learning... but still frustrating for mom!)
  7. That the dog was out for 10-15 minutes then came in and within a minute peed on the carpet by the door.
  8. Whining kids! My kids have lost all ability to speak today and all they can do is whine at me. I. AM. LOOSING. MY. EFING. MIND!
  9. Having a ton of house work to do while the kiddos nap!
  11. My inability to stay calm and not get so frustrated and annoyed b/c my kids are cranky today. Really. I should just get a grip. It is making me nuts that I can't even handle a rough day with my kids. I should be able to figure them out by now and know what to do to make them happy. UHH!!
  12. My kids DO NOT (not at all, not even a little bit) act like this for my husband.
  13. This Winter weather!! I have had enough!! Today, okay yeah. today is alright out.. the sun is shining and it isn't so unbearably cold out that you can't even breath b/c your nostrils freeze shut... but that is ONLY today... tonight or tomorrow some freakin' time we are gong to get SLEET, FREEZING RAIN and snowy mixture or some crap! Totally NOT in the efing mood for that shit!!
  14. I could con't on... but really this is getting quite bitchy and it is ONLY Thursday 13!! I've already over done it!! oops!!


Sandy C. said...

Oh man...can I please tell you that I can relate to every. single. one of those!! Especially #12 and 13....Winter and me are not friends and probably never will be. Sucks that it's the longest season here. And Ella is so different with dad...lately she's cranked up the dramatics whenever he's around for attention. It's amazing how much of a sucker he is for fake tears....

pussreboots said...

Leave your two girls with your husband for a couple hours. Go do something fun for just yourself. Happy TT.

Allie Bear said...

Sorry about the bad day, hope tomorrow is better.
My day wasn't that bad but my son did get sent to the principle's office today, he's only 4, sheesh!

Susan Z said...

I have had several days with DOug where he was whiney and what worked with him was to parrot it back to him. It doesn't work all the time but it makes me feel better and for the most part he will stop whining. I simply say exactly what he says in the tone that he says it.

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