Saturday, February 9, 2008

Follow up to.... The Secret

So some of you knew exactly what I was talking about and some of you didn't. I thought I would just post that little bit of info and see what everyone thought of it and how you all preserved it in your own way.
As you can read, I didn't get very many comments on it... which is okay. Because then I still have my own thoughts on it, and those are changed or steered by what you all thought of it. You see, although I'm a very opinionated person and very passionate, and pretty outspoken, I do get swayed easily by the crowd, or by what I think the crowd would like me to do, say or act like. I am very much my own person, but I can really blend well with almost everyone, and get just about anyone to like me, or feel comfortable with me... not even trying to have a huge ego here, I really don't mean it to sound that way at all. I just am like a chameleon when it comes to personality. I can pretty much read the kind/type of person someone is right off the bat, and then try to find something that brings us together. I'm not fake and I don't lie about stuff, but for some reason I can usually connect with most people about something, and I haven't had the most exciting life out there... rather simple and nice!! :)
So anyway... this is my opinion on The Secret... this is something I saw on Oprah. I have been watching a lot of her shows lately, just works out the girls are napping and I have a little bit o time when Trevor first gets home to talk with him about his day and all that, and then he is ready to just relax, or play or something so I watch Oprah. A while ago, not even sure how long ago it was, but I had seen a show about changing the way you think can change you life... and in the previews were people that had become very wealthy and had all these other wonderful things happen to them. As much as I wanted to believe that I could change my thinking and have a wealthier life and a happier family and own a mansion and have a maid and a butler and send my children to private school and pay for their college education with cash, and do the same for all my nieces and nephews, and help out other family members with my infinite wealth, and be healthy, and keep my entire family healthy, just by thinking positively. I would love all that... I mean who wouldn't... but I was thinking it was way too much work and wayyyyyy to bogus!! I was a nay-sayer... I was.
But when the Oprah show just had an update on the "The Secret" show and I really watched the entire thing and really paid attention to it all, I got it... or at least I got part of it. I got what I wanted from it. Maybe there is more to get from it, maybe not, but I got something very valuable from it, which is the wealth of knowledge. I knew this stuff all along, I think we all do, but to have it brought to your attention makes you realize it, and want to do it. I mean what is easier than changing the way you think the way you view things? Well it is a lot easier said than done, at least for me. I'm not a negative person, I guess. But, I am a dweller and worrier, and a stressor. The biggest thing for me is dwelling on the past and continuing to carry "bad feelings" from past situations that I cannot change or take back, not even by carrying them around with me all the time. I need TO. LET. GO!! Really, can anyone teach me how to do this?? Can anyone teach me how to not care so much what other people think of me, and focus more one what I think of myself and how I can work on that and make myself feel better about me? So I have been really thinking about this a lot since I saw the show. These three women she had on the stage had all changed their lives and the lives of others just by changing how they think. There were other people giving their testimonies as well during the show about how great their lives have become and all the things they have accomplished and how happy they were with this new found power. And, it really is power. If you can control your way of viewing life, and you choose to see the good in everything, and let go of any negativity then you really do have POWER!!
So I guess I'm going to start off with baby steps with this Secret thing... I'm going to try it. Yeah, sure I am, what is there to loose? Nothing. It costs no money, it takes no more time from you life, and you can do it at any time you choose. So once a week, when something is bothering me, making me NUTS and I feel like I've just had enough and I want to SCREAM!! I'm going to try to think positive!! At least I'm going to try. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome!!
Toodles for now.


LaskiGal said...

ok--I missed you last post . . . I'm very intrigued! I am blogging about something similar next week--just looking for the words. Please keep us posted!

Allie Bear said...

Sounds great, I'm a pretty positive thinker in general, I mean I try to find the good in most things, I found the good in my husband getting cancer which was pretty tough. I think my positive thinking helps me in my life and my family and I notice when I let things get to me or I fail to look for the good in situations or people my life is less fulfilling. My husband is always telling me that I am an optimist but for me its just natural, I have to find a positive spin on things, its how I cope with bad stuff. Until you posted this though I never attributed it to my success in life but it makes sense, good things happen to me for seemingly no reason, maybe you foud my reason.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Fellow Blog365'er here. I've been using the techniques in "The Secret" for decades (it's no secret, really).

The way you finished your blogpost, that you're going to try to think positive (only) when you're feeling at your worst, makes me feel the need to specify what "positive thinking" is about:

It's not about being a Pollyanna and denying that anything's wrong. It's not about using these techniques only when everything else fails. It's about keeping your mind from sabotaging you with worry, doubt, fear, criticism, pessimism, etc. on a regular basis (once a week isn't often enough to get into a new, good habit).

I use affirmations to focus my thoughts on good things before the bad happens. I start each day with affirmations. It minimizes troubles, as well as creating a permanent new habit of thought that is automatically positive/self-supporting.

There are some links over at my other blog which you may find useful.

Annie said...

The secret is interesting to me - and I fully admit that I'm a big cynic when it comes to Oprah. We learned about all these same principles when I was a gymnasts lots of years ago. It's not that I think it's crap...I just thumb my nose at the fact that it took Oprah to bring it to light for so many people.

I agree with the principles - it's amazing to compare the negative thinkers with the positive ones - they stand out!

Crystal said...

You go girlie! That's the kind of attitude to have and at the same time the kind of attitude that the Secret talks about. Good for you sweet! It's never a bad thing to want to change your negative thinking to positive ones.

I'm like you as well. I sit back and watch and listen to people, trying to get a better picture of who they are or what they want out of life.

Have a wonderful day;o)

radioactive girl said...

I am intriguied with the whole secret thing. It is hard to imagine it works, but what do you have to lose by trying it. On the other hand, I think I might already be doing the things it says, and that may be why I am always so content. I can't wait to hear your results!

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