Monday, February 4, 2008

OH NO!!!

Oh no! It is happening again to me... not sure what to call it. But "it" takes over me and my being and it wants me to do things I would NEVER regularly want to do. UH! I have this sudden urge to clean and organize every square inch of my home!! Not sure why, or what for? But I think while the cleaning bug has me by the seat of my pants with a firm grip I'm going to just go along with it. :) I'm going to see if I can appomplish 100 things today. Kind of like 100 things about me Meme, but... um.... uh... a little (okay, a LOT) more boring! And, you are right, you guessed it.... I'm going to post my list of acomplishments... right HERE on this very blog, in this VERY post!! How lucky can you readers get?? Damn. I'm so good to you!!

** please stop reading here if you aren't in need of sleep... this is extremely boring and WILL CAUSE DROWSINESS!!**

PS don't attempt to do this at home, I'm a trained professional, along with my husband and kids at mess making, so this is a LOT easier to come up with 100 things to clean than the average household. ~ thank you.

  1. changed girls pampers this morning (thinking that I really REALLY must potty train myself... they are ready!!

  2. made breakfast for the kids

  3. started this post... WOW I'm getting so far!! :) Go me!! yay!!

  4. picked up all toys and MESS from the girls floor and put it on their beds

  5. vacuumed any open floor space

  6. cleaned off & cleaned shelves

  7. moved shelves to diff. location in room

  8. organized "collectables" (junk) on shelves

  9. moved baby monitor and radio to shelves

  10. moved a ton of shit around in the girls room

  11. moved their beds around

  12. vacuumed where beds were going

  13. vacuumed where beds had been

  14. put away a shit load of stuffed animals and babies

  15. cleared off Brooke's bed

  16. working on clearing Lauren's bed

  17. organized three draw bins

  18. organized bins on shelves

  19. put books in room on shelves

  20. add more crap to room by putting shelves w/ bins in there

  21. vacuumed some more (we have some dust bunnies and some lady bugs, neither of which I'm fond of, but I HATE lady bugs!! Before I get slain for saying that, they are the FAKE lady bugs that are orange and STINK and are annoying and not pretty!! and I have heard that they bite?!)

  22. gave the girls some chips

  23. got Trevor situated on the potty

  24. started Trevor in the bath

  25. put a pull up on Brooke

  26. told Lauren (at least) 12 times that she can take a bath AFTER Trevor is done

  27. checked on Trevor

  28. started Curious George AGAIN for the Lauren & Brooke

  29. put away toys that don't belong in the girls room

  30. took down some older "art work" (pics that the kids made) from the wall in the dining room

  31. fixed a shopping cart, yes I'm that good!! ;)

  32. told Brooke not to take out blocks right now

  33. picked up blocks that Brooke took out anyway

  34. made the girls beds

  35. took out blanket and pillow that was Trevor's

  36. checked on Trevor in the bath

  37. helped Lauren on the potty

  38. helped Brooke on the potty

  39. got Lauren a new pullup and put it on her (although she was HIGHLY pissed off at me, b/c she wanted to do it HERSELF!!)

  40. vacuumed girls entire room

  41. brought vacuum out to dining room and turned off light and radio in girls room

  42. put Lauren's pull up back on her, b/c she took it off and needed help to get it on again... Well, well, well... looks like Mommy is sometimes right?? huh? imagine that.

  43. Got Trevor out of bath and dressed

  44. cleaned off plates and cups from breakfast off table (I know, I should've done it right after breakfast... oh well)

  45. sorted out all papers by the computer

  46. threw out what was garbage, moved what was mine and piled up what is Bryan's

  47. moved box of crafting stuff to kitchen to later decide where in the hell to put it

  48. told kids to stop picking on one another

  49. told kids to stop jumping on the couch

  50. told kids it is almost nap time

  51. cleaned mirror in dinning room & scraped dust off of picture frame too!

  52. started lunch for the little rug rats that aren't listening too well, but really aren't being too bad!! :) thankfully! **** 1/2 way there!!****

  53. vacuumed by computer desk

  54. dusted/Windexed computer and desk and surroundings

  55. cleaned Sugar Glider cage, the bottom of it

  56. emptied garbage, put in a new bag

  57. vacuumed floor by Sugar Glider cage

  58. cleaned off table, chairs and heat

  59. found new "home" from steam cleaner aka other side of the room. ;)

  60. put dog out... again, I've done this before today, but didn't type it in here, I also cleaned up dog poo from by the door. (at least she is close to going out) ;)

  61. made lunch of champions... Roman Noodles, chicken flavor of course!

  62. ate lunch with the kids ~ they are still eating.... waiting to clean up from lunch

  63. took the girls potty, changed their clothes, put them for naps

  64. cleaned up table from lunch... and chairs too, you know how 4 & 2 yr olds eat. ;)

  65. put Brooke in her bed 2 or 3 times for nap.

  66. organized pull up/pamper/wipe/powder "station" put extra pull ups, pampers and wipes in one box to go in the girls closet

  67. straightened up kitchen counter some

  68. put some toys in Trevor's room

  69. put away clean dishes

  70. put Trevor for a nap. Is it wrong to pray to God about nap time? ;)

  71. realized I have a SHIT load of dirty dishes awaiting me... did most of these

  72. put Zoe out again, hung up two coats and picked up Bryan's shoes

  73. fixed blankets on back of couch and picked up some random things in living room

  74. Getting close!! (but my house is still a freakin' mess!) convinced Trevor to lay down a little while longer since he was only in there for about 15 mins

  75. took laundry downstairs, started load and brought up clothes from dryer

  76. scrubbed up remainder of dishes, it wasn't as many as I thought... thankfully.


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