Monday, February 4, 2008


Missing in action, the last few days. Sorry. I haven't even been doing my rounds. We have been busy doing pretty much NOTHING. It is cold and miserable (AGAIN) here!! I spent Friday on the sleeper sofa with the kids and about 50 blankets and comforters watching Meet the Robinson’s. :) Trevor picked it to get on demand. It was pretty cute movie, we watched it 3 3/4 times. It was freezing rain, sleet, cold and NASTY!! We just bummed all day long. :)

Then on Saturday, we did much of the same, hanging out and doing NOTHING!! I was so bored and cranky, I desperately needed to leave the house, but didn't really have any where to go, so when the kids napped I crawled into bed, and watched some 'trash' TV and even dosed on and off some. It was quite nice, even for being stuck at home.

Then on Sunday, I knew Bryan wanted/needed to watch the Super Bowl, but I had to leave this prison we call home... and I knew the kids had enough of being in the house too!! They hadn't been out of the compound for days!! So, we took them to Chuck E. Cheese. It was nice when we first walked in the door, but some damn paparazzi must of tipped us off, because we weren't there but 3 mins... okay, okay maybe 5 and it was packed in there!! uh! I'm talking you can't even move packed. Trevor got pushed and bumped his head in the play tunnel, and Lauren got shoved by a little boy that was a BULLY! His mom kept following him around saying, "Gentle. Honey, you have to be gentle." Note to lady... it isn't working!! We ate some pizza, and played some games and then bolted, the kids didn't even complain about leaving they had enough of being shoved around too!!

We went off to the great place of Wally World and got some things for dinner and also some chips and soda for watching the game later.

While there poor Trevor who was tired as hell, walked full force into a metal shelf and had a hole right in the side of his head. Thank God, it wasn't lower it would have been his temple or it could have been his eye. Poor little guy, it had to hurt so freakin' bad. My stomach was just flipping, I could have cried for him, but I tried to stay calm so he wouldn't get more upset. :(

We came home and put the kids for naps, they were all beat... Trevor didn't nap at all and I think that Lauren only laid in her bed, didn't sleep and Brooke only slept for about 20 mins. But it was enough time to get the little bit of groceries we got put away and also to call Heather to see if her and Chris were coming over to watch the game. :)

The kids woke up and we had some dinner then H & C got here, Heather and I tried to entertain the girls so that B & C could watch the game in peace. We did an alright job, and thankfully the boys didn't seem to mind the noise and a little bit of craziness when we were in the living room with them. Trevor picked to watch Casper in my room, and he quickly fell asleep. Not wanting him to be up all night long, I let him snooze for about an hour or so, then tempted him with some Rootbeer and Doritos and he quickly came back to conciseness ! :)

Then that was pretty much our weekend!! Oh and the GIANTS WON!! :) yay!! I know that they were the underdogs going in... well in some peoples minds, but they did it... they won the Super Bowl!! And it was a great game. I don't watch or understand much football, but it was exciting to see the back and forth of who the winning team was... and then in the end to have your home state team win!! That was GREAT!! GO GIANTS!!

PS during the day at some point, I will have some pics to add in here with my little blurbs about each day. Well not Saturday, but yesterday.


clickmom said...

I am so happy about the Giants too! And I don't even care on a more typical day. After photographing football for 4 years I am finally figuring out the rules so I feel so in vogue when I actually know when to cheer. I am not a sports girl at all.

I miss the days of snuggling up on the couch. Now my kids all disperse and do their own thing. I think I am going to force them into a snuggle or two.

Nina said...

Sounds like a nice weekend, all the same. Yay Giants!

Crystal said...

Sounded like you had a very interesting weekend! I always love doing the movie thing but we learned our lesson with Chuck E Cheese! Have a good day;o)

Sandy C. said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens at Chuckecheese!? Weekends there can get pretty hairy...

I love that pic of the three of them hanging out! They are so adorable and sweet :)

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend! Looking forward to some pics!

~RaenWa~ said...

I hope you finally feel better I hope your son is ok to they seriosuly need covers or something on then end of those shelves in these stores I was rooting for the Pats but it was a good game

Ecky said...

Sound like a busy weekend to me ;)

Love the picture, they are so adorable.

Put some more picture would be great :)

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