Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Places I LOVE to Eat!

This isn't hard for me, since I LOVE to eat in general, and will eat
just about anything. Sad, I know. But, it's true.

1. Mexican Restaurant ~ not so sure of the name, but I LOVE it!! I went there for a goodbye from work party when I was pregnant with Trevor and leaving work to stay home with him... YUM! We also went there for my bachlorette dinner before going out to party! The food there is just amazing!!

2. Taco Bell ~ not quite the same as true Mexican food, but I still am shamelessly in love with Taco Bell!! Love it so much, that I order like $20 of food just for me. ;) Okay, well maybe not $20... maybe only like $17. lol Love, love, love it!!

3. Red Lobster ~ yummo! My mom, Trevor and I use to frequent Red Lobster when I first had him and was home. My mom would be off on Friday's so we would take a trip to Middletown once in a while and we would hit up Red Lobster! Sometimes we would take my dad too! Red Lobster is the first restaurant that Trevor was ever in, and he was only a few weeks old when he went.

    4. Gray's Papaya! Wow! They make the most slammin' hot dogs EVAH!! I love hotdogs anyway... but these are out of this world!! One time, Heather, Liz and I drove into the city just to have a hot dog from Gray's! They are that good!

5. Ruby Tuesday's! Love the food there, and usually the service is just as good! We have gone there a bunch of times with a lot of people and have never had a problem with service. This is the first place that Bryan and I went out to eat together. :)

6. Chinese restaurants! Love Chinese food! I could eat this almost Every. Single. Day! But it is really fattening... at least what I eat is, and then in a little while I'm always hungry again. But, I still love it!

7. Shoney's! We go here when we are on vacation!! There isn't any that close to us, so we take advantage of it when we are further south. We go almost every morning to have breakfast there! I love breakfast food!! :)

8. Chili's is chillin'! I love the food there, they have the best soups! They have just the right amount of spicy kick to make them so good!! I love spicy food, but only to a certain extent. I want to still enjoy my food and be able to taste what I'm eating and not just the spices! Chili's gets it just right!!

9. The Cornucopia restaurant! When I worked in Orange County we would always go there for everyone's birthday, the bosses' treat! They had some of the BEST food there! This was the first place I had escargot and it was delicious!!

10. Italian restaurants! Love them! Love Italian food! I could really eat Italian food every. single. day!! I love love love it!! Yummy!! I love pasta and the sauces and the breads and the wine!! :) Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!

11. Giovanni's ~ Home of the God Father! I love LOVE LOVE love Italian sub sandwiches!! I am actually going to call Bryan and see if he can please bring me home a sub tonight for dinner! Yum! ;)

12. Subway ~ I love the sandwiches that they warm up for you and have the melty good cheese on them! Can't beat that!!

13. I love these three all the same as the ones I listed above and since this is Thursday Thirteen I am listing them together... lol These three places all are very different in food choices, but they are all the same with AWESOME food and great service!

Okay I have to go eat something now... I'm starving, and it has taken me wayyyy too long to do this!! :P


Crystal said...

LOL! Girl, if you love Subway come to my neck of the woods! My post for today is a story dealing with Subway;) Girl, all this food talkin is making me hungry!!

clickmom said...

So, uh, how is your cholesterol?

Allie Bear said...

Ok, you sound like me, I love food, except I am not a big fan of taco bell (I had actually never eaten at Taco Bell before I met my husband, he made me go).
The Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite places to eat, I get dessert first because I never have room after I eat my meal (this was the first restaurant I ever took Nicholas to, he was 4 days old).

frangela said...

Mmm, mmm, some of my favorites are there too! Taco Bell, Chili's, Red Lobster! Gotta love those cheddar cheesy biscuits! And I always love a good stir fry restaurant!

I am so hungry now! And lunch isn't for another 30 minutes! :)

LaskiGal said...

Chinese food, Mexican food, Stir Crazy--I could live off these until the end of time . . .

Em said...

I love, love, love, LOVE taco bell.

Sandy C. said...

$17 at Taco bell!?!?! GUUURL, you can eat! That's like a million tacos ;) Your list is superb! I love almost every one on your list. Especially Ruby Tuesday, California pizza kitchen, and Shoney's ( I haven't seen one of those in years, but we too used to eat there on vacations). I'm hungry :)

Have a great Thursday!!

Crystal said...

Okay, it's back up. I had to update and add a few pics so that's probably what made it disappear;) Enjoy!!

Annie said...

Awww, crap. I go to weigh in at Weight Watchers in 2 hours, so I'm in my "I won't eat until after I get on the scale" mode.

But now I'm freaking starving!!!


(Really, this is a good post. I should have opened it later!)

HRH said...

Mmmmmm. sounds a lot better than cooking to me!

Nina said...

I like CPK, too. Never been to Cheesecake Factory. I have to try it!

Ecky said...

Ok, I'm officially hungry now

Adrienne said...

I so wish we had a cheesecake factory here!!!!

I'm hungry now, so I'm going to see what restaurant coupons I have!

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