Friday, March 7, 2008

Here Piggy Piggy!

Okay... for the record I'm sooo not calling Lauren a piggy!!
I wouldn't do that...
well only when she burps and I say...
"ooooh you little piggy. say excuse me."
and I say that to all the kids. :)
and then they say "excuse me piggy piggy." lol
Here are pictures of Lauren with her
FIRST piggy tails!!!
She looks so freakin' cute!!
(as usual!)
And, the best part is that she kept them in all night long!!


Stephanie said...

Very cute!

Sophia's hair was this long at 6mths, she has always had a LOT of hair though.

Crystal said...

I enjoyed all of those! I bet that had a lot of fun;o)Thanks for sharing them!

Jill Leigh said...

I am totally addicted to your children!!! It was sooo soo nice seeing you all Friday night!! I love youuuuu

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