Friday, March 7, 2008

I have...

I have about 1 hour and 8 mins from the time I signed into my Blogger account to get some thing done around here today. Last time I did this I had 70 mins. and I would have about that time too, if I let Trevor come home on the bus... but I have been picking him up and told him I would do the same today too, so I cannot go back on my word. Since I have been glued to the computer since I put the girls down for a nap about an hour ago, I have done pretty much NOTHING here today. I need to do many things so I thought I would give my lazy ass and procrastinating self something fun/interesting and more of a reason to sit at the computer...
I'll blog all that I get done... and I'm also hoping during this time to find the camera and post pics later from Chuck E. Cheese and maybe of my wondrous accomplishments. ha!!! Have some faith... ; )

  1. started a new post
  2. picked up all play food and play kitchen items
  3. made a collection of things to go in the girls' room when they awake
  4. put some toys in Trevor's bedroom, which I desperately need to clean
  5. put away clean dishes from drainer
  6. washed up all dishes in the sink
  7. refilled drainer, and waiting to do more
  8. took all wash clothes out of the shower, we have a lot in there b/c each child when having a bath thinks they need about 4-5 each... and we let em.
  9. cleaned the shower
  10. cleaned the kids potty seat
  11. cleaned the kids step stool
  12. straightened up kitchen counter... some
  13. emptied bathroom garbage can
  14. lysoled bathroom garbage can
  15. threw out rotten banana... come on here give me some slack... it still counts, and besides, YOU weren't going to do it... were ya?? didn't think so.
  16. cleaned the toilet
  17. retrieved the sponge from Zoe so I could clean the bathroom floor
  18. threw out almost empty shampoo and conditioner bottles
  19. cleaned bathroom floor
  20. swept kitchen floor
  21. made more pine-sol mixture in my wonderful spray bottle
  22. added more papers to my already too big paper keeping pile
  23. put more things in Trevor's room ~ his art set
  24. cleaned the stove top
  25. cleaned any visible counter space
  26. lysoled kitchen garbage can
  27. cleaned stove front and bottom draw front love that my stove is black... just thought of that.
  28. cleaned part of the kitchen floor on my hands and knees also wiped off "something" from wall by fridge
  29. finished kitchen floor, and was wondering while doing it... a. when the hell was the last time I did this?? b. why am I so out of breath from just cleaning the damn floor?? c. do I really walk around on this floor barefoot?? d. Do I really allow my children and friends to walk around on this floor with no shoes on?? e. damn I hope the kids haven't eaten anything off this floor lately. lol
  30. cleaned baseboard in kitchen
  31. did some much needed Christmas decoration removal from the dinning room and kitchen... don't laugh. don't judge... at least I can admit my laziness... and use my three kids an excuse to be too busy to take them down before March 7th. ha!
  32. straightened up a shelf in the kitchen
  33. running out of time to type... got myself and girls ready to walk out the door... leaving
  34. hitting publish post
  35. walking away from computer and leaving to go get Trev on time


Stephanie said...

You got more done in that hour or so than I did all day. I've been very lazy lately. I think it's the weather, it's depressing me.

Crystal said...

LOL! I didn't see this post earlier this morning in my haste to check on everyone and then leave to go to Wally World! Loved what you did with this post. It doesn't seen like a lot of stuff until you put it on paper, so to speak. #31 CRACKED ME UP!!! Hope your having a good Saturday;o)

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