Friday, April 25, 2008

Friendship Friday ~ edition 3

Friendship Friday

edition #3

This blogger I'm doing my FF post on today is a total sweetheart!
She has a great family, including a wonderful husband
and THREE amazing and super cute children!
Not only does she love her husband and children,
she also loves the color purple,
and to mow her lawn!
(which I happen to truly enjoy and find relaxing and rewarding as well)
If you are reading this Jenn, and think this all sounds like you...
  • total sweetie
  • great blogger
  • wonderful commenter
  • excellent Mommy
  • three beautiful children
  • a great husband
  • love of elephants
  • love of all things purple even fishing reel =)
  • awesome craft spaces in your NEWLY re-done basement
  • crafty
  • good friend

YES! I am talking about you!!

You all must go check out Jenn's blog... she is a doll.

You will get a kick out of her posts...

she does WW (wordless wednesday)

TT (thursday thirteen)

and FF (Friendship Friday)

along with every day posts about her life and her family

and some really AWESOME meme's.

If you visit her leave her some comment love!!

She is a great commenter, always dropping in to say hi and check on you...

also always leaving a kind word or two!

Thank you Jenn from Enjoying the Ride for all your support,

from FF to the wonderful comments on my blog!



jenn said...

well, shucks, that was so sweet of you! Thank you for all the kind things you said about me.

And know you're not so bad yourself! LOL!! :D

Stephanie said...

Love the picture! It's so cute.

Crystal said...

Cute picture and YES!!! JENN ROCKS!!!

Sandy C. said...

I suck. I didn't post :( I'm a total nail-biting mess today.

Thanks so much for posting. I'm off to see Jenn!

Anonymous said...
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simplesiren said...

Wow! The girls are getting so big and they are so beautiful. I love the hugging, so sweet.

FRIGGA said...

WhooooHooooo!!! I wholeheartedly agree - Jenn is awesome!!! :)

Andie Summerkiss said...

What a cute picture. Didn't know that it was a friendship day. :(

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