Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Making Strides....

We are making strides over here like crazy!!! :) Making strides to what?! You ask yourself... or me or who ever. Well we are making strides to Big Girl World!! Yay!! So as you all know Brooke is fully potty trained!! She sometimes has an accident when sleeping all night but at 2.5 yrs old I think that is acceptable, but most mornings she wakes up dry and asks to go potty. So that is good, and Lauren is doing okay with it, but we are pushing her... she isn't always totally interested but is willing some times to go on the potty. Still these are all strides to Big Girl World!!
But the newest and one of the BIG things we have done lately is give up BINKIES!!! (pacifiers) I'm not sure if I had posted on here or not about the Easter Bunny taking the girls binkies and bringing some Easter gifts... but this is what happened to Trevor on his 3rd Easter when he was 2 yrs old... so we thought this is what we would do with the girls too! We hyped it up and talked about it with everyone!! It was so cool and such a big deal!! They were excited about it and we made it a really good thing! So Easter morning they were all excited to see all the cool new things the Easter bunny left them in place of their baby binkies, which she took! :)
That day went okay... because when they would ask for a binky... which they both did several times, we would just talk about Easter and the bunny taking them and all the NEW great stuff they got... and that pacified them. Bedtime that night was a whole other ball game though.. they cried for binkies for a long time... but eventually they did go to sleep. The next morning they had asked about binkies a few times, but during the day seemed to go pretty good... nap time was hard... they didn't even sleep that day... but we worked through it. It was heart breaking to hear them cry and beg for a binky. Mostly Brooke was begging and crying... Lauren once in a while, but she was more into telling Brooke that the binkies were gone... she would say to her "They all gone" and Brooke would cry some more and Lauren would tell her "Bunny took your binkies all gone." and then they would talk to each other about something and then the situation would be defused for a moment. The first three days were rough... bed time and nap time were horrible. It was really heart wrenching to hear them (mostly Brooke) sob for a binky. If I didn't know it would only make it that much harder for them again I would have given in and let them have a binky. But I also knew that it would pass and they would be good with out them. :) This is what we went through with Trevor too.
So a few times they found binkies in with toys in their room and under the bed, which I could have sworn I collected them all from under the bed, but either way... they had them and we threw them in the garbage together b/c they had bunny fuzz on them and were YUCKY!!! This was a set back but only for a little while like an hour or so... nothing as major as I thought it would be... and one night before I went to bed I checked the girls and they each had a binky... Lauren had one in her mouth and Brooke was holding one for dear life!! I took them while they were sleeping and they barely even twitched... then in the morning there was NO mention of binkies.
It has been a week now since they have cried/sobbed/begged or even looked for a binky!! So we are there!! One more HUGE stride to Big Girl World!!
And, I'm not really rushing them to grow up or in a hurry for them to be all grown, Big Girl World is really just past Toddler World and on the way to Pre-School World. lol
So there is a little update for you on that... I might be back to post some more later.


jenn said...

You're right. As hard as it was to listen to them cry and have a few bad days, it would have been so much harder down the road. I'm glad they have moved on. They are turning into such big girls.

Good job on the potty training, too. That's always hard, but it seems the girls have taken to it quickly.

Way to go girls!!

Sally said...

I sure admire your tenacity in both areas; potty training and binkies. Our little one (my great-granddaughter, Hunter) is really gonna pitch a FIT when that binky goes away to binky-land. But, it will happen; I'm just glad I won't be the bad guy. hahaha Right now, we're at the stage of the three: Bear-Bear, Binky, Blanky. Everything travels with her! She turned two last month.

Have a great day! Oh, and that recipe sounds mighty good. I'll have to give that a try!

Angela said...

That's definitely exciting! And I just love to hear and imagine the dialog between the girls. Hearing little kids speak just makes me smile!

Good job, Brooke, Lauren and Mommy!

Stephanie said...

Aidan was my hardest and she was so much older than Lilly when I made her give it up.

Good for you getting them off of them and not giving in, that's so hard I know. I need to get Sophia off hers, she's been potty trained for more than 6mths I think it's time to be a full on big girl now.

Crystal said...

Way to hold strong girlie! It takes A LOT of strength and will power to stand by your guns but you did it! Good for you!

HRH said...

Congratulations on the BIG strides. Those are huge....and I am a bit jealous about both momentous events.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I always got rid of the binky by 9 months. It seemed like it went a lot smoother than it did for my friends when the kids were older. Same with potty training--the earlier the better. After 3 it seems to turn into a power struggle.

Parenting gets so much easier--than they're teenagers and it gets harder again!

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