Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NO Way!!! part II

okay so i typed all this stuff here before,
and then do you know what happened??
well, well do ya???
I don't!!
all i know is that i hit the "publish post" button
and POOF just like that my whole post was
pissed me off, but thankfully it was a pretty short post
or else I would have been really mad
and then Lord only knows what might have happened.
I might have just set the computer on fire or something.
Hey, you never know.
Blogging takes a lot of time, at least for me it does.
and my time is precious. PRECIOUS i tell ya.
and then to waste it just like that..
just like...
POOF, gone!
well anyway... my post was about this really exciting news!!
have both worn
wait it gets better yet...
without having ONE single accident.
and even better yet...
they even napped with BIG GIRL UNDIES on
and you know what...
yay!! i think i have fully potty trained toddlers!!!
okay well go girls. Brooke has really potty trained herself and
Lauren is only doing what she sees Brooke do.
You know why?? Well I'll tell you why...
be patient... gosh!!
Because I'm sittin' here blogging about it instead of helping them...
gotta run!!


jenn said...

Good job, girls (and mom)!

You totally crack me up. I love reading what you write. You have an awesome sense of humor that comes through!

just jamie said...


And, don't jinx yourself. Every time I brag about no accidents, no colds, no attitudes -- BAM!

And I was just wondering what I might do if my post got eaten in cyber-land. You handled it well.

Allie Bear said...

Yay for the girls, but I agree with Jamie, don't jinx it.
Also...I put a hint about the tattoos at the end of my post from earlier but I won't give it away till its done.

Stephanie said...

That's great! I've been lucky that my mom pushed potty training Sophia back in Nov and we were lucky it only took a week, for pee. A little longer for poop, but we are done. Only ONE more to go!

Sandy C. said...

Wow! Both Girls?? Congratulations!! What an awesome feat for all :)

Okay, now you must share the magic wand with me. I have a 2.5 year old that isn't in big girl pannies yet :(

LaskiGal said...

Yay! Congrats. I totally get why that is such HUGE news!!!

frangela said...

WOOHOO! Way to go!

J said...

Yay for the girls! That is always an awesome day. I am happy for you all!

PS. I left a hint on Allie's comments about her tattoo.

HRH said...

Oh so sorry about the post, BUT what amazing great news! Congratulations...

Lisa said...

Blogger can really piss me off at times too!

Potty training can be challenging, good luck.

Dawn said...

That is GREAT!!! Your girls rock!! My brother has twin girls and I think they learned at the same time like your girls but not as early as your girls.

Thanks for stopping by the other day. I will be back!!


Crystal said...

LOLOLOL!!! Way to go ALL OF YOU!!!! Isn't it wonderful not to have diapers or pull ups anymore?!?!? Saves BUNCHES of money too!!! Good for you guys!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~