Thursday, April 24, 2008


There are times in your life when things happen around you that don't necessarily affect you directly... but they still some how touch your life. Then there are things that happen around you that do affect you a great deal.

These are some of the things that help to shape and mold our lives, to make us who we are, or at least part of the people we are. These times come in many forms, some are good, wonderful, happy, sorrowful, meaningful, depressing, meaningless, joyful, peaceful, amazing, scary, maddening... Every person deals with these times differently too. Some are calm and laid back... just accept the situation for what it is and go on, others are dramatic and get all excited and sometimes over react to the situation, and there are those that are smack dab in the middle of the road. They hear and see what is going on they feel the feelings and they let them be present with them but they don't let them change them or alter their being too much, if at all.

I'd love to say I'm the calm and laid back type, although I'm not sure I wouldn't want to feel something more than it just passing me by, so I guess what I'd really love to be is the middle of the road type... you are aware of it all and you take and learn from it what you can, but you don't over analyze everything, beat a dead horse, and carry it with you for the rest of you life while you are loosing sleep over it at night, unfortunatley, I'm the dramatic over analyzer that dredges over conversations and situations forever and ever in my head and can't always let something go until I feel it is truly resolved.


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