Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Brooke woke up DRY!!!!!!!!!
yippee ky ey yay!!
so this is a big deal b/c for the last two days,
yes 2 whole days she has been using the
potty for all her bathroom duties!!
And this is the second morning she has
woke up DRY from bedtime!
this means I am no longer putting a pull up
or a pamper on Brooke!
never ever never again!!!
pinky promise!!


jenn said...

Yay brooke!!!!

Crystal said...

WOOHOO BROOKE!!!! You go girlie!!!!!

just jamie said...

That's fantastic. What a gifted child you have! :)

Allie Bear said...

Congratulations to Brooke and yay for you, one less in pampers in more $ for crap...or food for the family, I guess. :)
Oh and I posted, withdrawal is

Sandy C. said...

Congratulations Miss Brooke!!!!! and mommy :) HUGE milestone!!

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