Thursday, May 22, 2008

~thursday thirteen~

~thursday thirteen~
thirteen candle scents that i really wish they would make
1. fresh paint smell ~ make your house smell almost brand new!
2. new carpet smell ~ you know how good your house smells with new carpet!
3. New clothes smell, almost like a store smell, but just the smell of the clothing!
4. vinyl ~ like a new shower curtain or a new baby doll!
5. baby's breath... like real baby's breath, not the flower filler stuff, like my babies when they were little, and even now to be honest, I just love the smell of their sweet little breaths!
6. Tide laundry detergent! so fresh n' clean
7. the way it smells outside first thing in the morning, as it is starting to get warm out, after it had rained all night.
8. gasoline smell, but not real gasoline smell, but the faint whiff you get when you are in the car with the windows up and someone that just pumped it opens the door to get in the car... that little tiny whiff of it you get... in a candle.
9. fresh cut grass! Yummy! Nothing says nice summer days better than the smell of a freshly cut lawn.
10. museum ~ you know the smell... you like it too!
11. library ~similar to museum, but a little different~ when I was in school from 6th-12th grade I sat behind a girl, that i was also friends with, in homeroom that always smelt like a library/museum.
12. the aquarium, sort of like bleach or chlorine, but mixed with the museum scent too.
13. BACON ~ cooked of course!
so there you have it! no one said these were going to be top sellers, but honestly you all know you agree with some of them... let me know which ones you would be interested in having...
happy TT.


The Flying Monkeys said...

Caqn you blow the gas smell over here? Man I have to admit it does smell GOOD! SNIIIIIIIIIIIIF!!!!! What about WHITE OUT!

Come see our wedding photos 9 years ago today!

jenn said...

fresh mowed grass...that would be my favorite!

Angela said...

Tide would be a great seller! Or Bounce dryer sheets... or those two mixed. Calling Yankee Candle...LOL!

Sandy C. said...

Yes! I LOVE the smell of new carpets and many of those on your list. For some reason while preggo, I also loved the smell of rubber. I adored walking into a Goodyear or Payless shoes store because of the strong smell of rubber! I know...I'm strange.

Allie Bear said...

Bacon candles...ha ha ha!

Stephanie said...

I like the gas smell, it bothers my husband that I like it. :)

Annie said...

What about new car smell??

There's actually a Yankee Candle that is close to #7 - it's...oh, gosh...Midnight Summer? Midnight something. It reminds me of the smell after rain. Love it!

Angela said...

Oh! I absolutely love these - you totally have me on these! And I love this game! :)

I'd also say: baby formula freshly mixed with water, baby lotion, clothes from the dry cleaners, my dogs fresh from the groomer's, Pine Sol, dry dog food (I know I am weird!), flour, my grandpa's cologne, the photo chemicals from developing your photos - my list could go on and on!

forgetfulone said...

I would soooo get the gasoline smell! And I'm surprised they don't make the fresh grass scent already as well as bacon! Who doesn't love those fragrances? This was a fantastic post.

Crystal said...

LOL! Cute post sweet!

HRH said...

Coffee...the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Oh and Donuts! The smell of freshly made donuts.

Hmmmm...maybe I better go eat breakfast.

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