Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yep. Today is Tuesday! I'm not sure what or why I'm on here typing... I honestly think it is to avoid from getting up and doing anything else... although I really need to get a bunch done, and was on a good roll till now.
Trevor is off at school today... meaning he stayed home yesterday... we all over slept and it felt sooooo good I don't even feel guilty. Plus, like my mom said, we must have all needed it. :) So yesterday we all just hung out and I got some things done around the house and we all had a pretty pleasant day. :)
Bryan had a fishing accident on Sunday, where he thinks (is pretty sure) he broke his thumb... so yesterday after a long and boring day at work he went to Urgent Care, and waited for almost a life time... got an x-ray and found out that they *THINK* there is a bone chip in his joint...but they aren't sure, it could be that or it could be broken... so they are sending him to the orthopedic doctors on Wednesday... They are so knowledgeable there at UC it is unreal, you seriously wonder why they aren't working in a "REAL" hospital since they are such geniuses.
These are also the doctors that gave me the wrong dose to give Lauren of eye drops that were burning her eyes making them totally blood shot and all swollen and purple around them... Oh. It was a mistake on the RX sheet. Assholes!!
Brooke & Lauren are playing nicely in their play kitchen together... they are making all sorts of things, right now Lauren is saying that she is making eggs, and Brooke just told her that she is making dinner. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it or not... but I have been really strict with following through with "threats" that I make to them... I have a hard time being consistent and following through with discipline and so things have been really crazy here lately... I am realizing my mistakes and trying to make things better. So I have been slightly obsessed with time outs... not that I'm giving them for un-necessary reasons but that I'm following through.... I give one warning, and I specifically say, "Please stop doing that... or you are going to go in time out." Then once they do it again, they go in time out... I set the timer on the stove and they have to sit there... I put the girl in for 2 or 3 mins, b/c they are 2 1/2 and then I put Trevor in for 4 or 5 mins since he is 4 1/2. They all seem to dislike time-out greatly so it is working rather well... I just have to remember to stick to my guns, pick and choose my battles and don't let up when things start to get better... keep following through.
This is one of the reasons that they all listen and ultimately respect Bryan more than me, because if he says something then he does it... no questions asked... end of discussion.... period! I always feel bad and try to reason and talk and all that... but really children that are these ages can't understand reason... and talking is just wasting my breath. Time-out is the way to go it gives us all a break from one another too, when we are having a "rough time"....
for example just now
Brooke had a Winnie The Pooh phone, she was playing very nicely with it... Lauren started touching the buttons on it to annoy Brooke, I told her she had to stop touching Brooke's phone, and that she could go get the other W. T. P phone (that is exactly the same) and if she didn't stop bothering Brooke that she would have to go to time-out... Well then she tried taking the phone from Brooke... she I gently took her hand and walked her time-out...
of course the entire time she was saying "No. I don't want to go time-out."
BUT... she went and she sat there and now the timer just went off and she is still sitting waiting for me to come get her... it is finally working!! yay!!
**** As I was getting up,
she said (still sitting there) "Can I get up now Mommy?"
and I said "yes"
Then I walked over to her and told her she needed to tell Brooke sorry for taking her toy away and also that she cannot take toys from other kids. And I told her she did a good job listening to me in time-out.
She ran right into their bedroom and said "sorry Brookie for taking your toy."
Brooke said "okay, you can have my phone."
then Lauren came out and said " Brookie is a good girl, she is sharing with me."
They are playing again nice as could be. :) 2 points for Mommy!!
So anyway... I have some things I have to do today in the house and then I also have some things to get ready for this weekend... we are going camping. I'm excited and the kids are over excited... almost every day they ask me when we are going camping and if today is the day we are going. :) The girls can't possibly remember what camping is, but I'm sure Trevor remembers it some, and they will all love it since they think they should live outside rain, snow, sleet or sunshine. :)
Also, my friend Tanya called me on Sunday that she did great... and was feeling pretty well. I also spoke to her yesterday and she was doing good, just a little bit tired... so thank you all for you well wishes, thoughts and prayers! :)
I have some pictures in my camera that I would love to get into the computer and put up on here, so we'll see about that later... it just takes so long for blogger to upload pics it is unreal.
Have a great day all... toodles!


Stephanie said...

Consistancy is the key. Good for you for being so. I had a lot of time outs for Sophia this weekend. She cried anytime I told her no. After 4 of them she got the point and quit. She is very stubborn.

I bet you will have a blast camping! I hope it's as nice there as it has been here.

Have a good day! :)

Allie Bear said...

Its the same in our house, they listen to Luis no matter what bc he always does what he says he will. We are both a work in progress, keep up the good work.

Sandy C. said...

Good for you Jenn! So glad you all took some time to rest and recharge. We all need it sometimes.

Sounds like our girls are doing much of the same these days. Such. A. Challenge at times.

I hope Bryan's thumb is alright!

Annie said...

Good for you! It's something to be proud of. I'm convinced I'm either going to be the biggest pushover - or the biggest bitch of a mom. I'm actually leaning more towards bitch, because I have zero patience, but my friends all tell me that my patience will greatly increase with kids. We'll see!!

Crystal said...

Isn't it so nice to over sleep sometimes?! Glad you all got to;o)

Hope Bryan gets to feeling better with the whatever it is that is wrong with his thumb. Can you go to another facility??

Glad to hear that Brooke and Lauren are playing and sharing well with one another. Time out NEVER worked for me. Sam was just too head strong to stay put and William was too sensitive. He would cry like I physically hurt him and I would give in every damn time, lol!

Hope you have a great time camping and can't wait to see the pics you're going to download;o)

Have a wonderful evening sweet!

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