Friday, May 16, 2008

Friendship Friday edition 5!

Today this Friendship Friday post
will be a little bit different...
this FF post will be about someone
that I am glad to call my friend,
but isn't a blogging friend
... although she may and I think she does read
my blog... she doesn't have her own.
(yet, maybe I can get her to set one up)
Anyway... this post will be for my friend Tanya...
who today, while her MIL is watching
her 5 1/2 month old son Brandon
until her mom takes over for tonight,
her with her husband by her side
is going in to have heart surgery.
She is young and healthy and full of life,
just had a baby and looks AMAZING!!
And her son is so sweet, such a good baby and
the cutest little boy ever...
They found out that she has a hole in her heart
due to someevents that happened they just discovered this.
I'm so glad that she is okay and doing well...
and that she is having the surgery she needs to get better
and live a happy and healthy life...
BUT, I'm really concerned and worried for her today.
I'm sure this sort of surgery is preformed
everyday millions of times day, but
not to someone that I care about.
I have found all my thoughts today going to Tanya and her family.
I'm thinking, hoping and praying of and for her today...
so if any of you would like to do the same,
I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated from
Tanya and her family and also from me and her other friends.
I know she was getting nervous,
which she has every right to be, who wouldn't be,
so I'm hoping by this point in the day it is already
done and over with and that
she is already doing good...
and recuperating from surgery.
She is going to call me or have someone else call me today,
I hope, so I will update this if and when I hear from her.
Please all keep her in your thoughts!


Angela said...

Oh, Jenn!

My thoughts and prayers are with your friend Tanya and her family.

May she have a speedy recovery!

jenn said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


just jamie said...

Oh. She'll be in my thoughts. What a brave woman.

HRH said...

Sending prayers and thoughts for your sweet friend and her family.

Sally said...

I hope and pray your friend, Tanya, had a sucessful surgery, and the recuperation will go well. My cousin had this done a few years ago. She was 40 YO until they discovered the hole, but she felt so much better afterwards. (HUGS)

Annie said...

She'll be in my thoughts - I hope she has an easy and speedy recovery!

Sandy C. said...

You are a sweet dear friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friend Tanya and her family.

Crystal said...

I know i'm way late for this but I will keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers.

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