Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The crowd...

Is it happening already?? I can't believe it, but I think it might be.
This morning I got out socks, undies, shorts, and a baseball jersey for my little guy to wear to school. It was a very cute outfit... and he is very into wearing Yankee stuff lately. This was a white pinstriped button up jersey with Jeter & #2 on the back.
I got him all dressed and his sneakers on, he looked so cute.... he is cute. I told him he looked so handsome, and he sat down on the couch with a sad little face on. I asked him what was wrong.
"I want to wear pants."
I explain to him that it was already getting pretty muggy and warm out and he would be more comfortable in shorts.
He protests wearing them and almost starts to cry. I ask him why he wants to wear pants instead of nice comfy, cool looking shorts.
He says " Because, Matthew L, always wears pants to school and I want to too."
Oh. now I get it. So I tried to talk him into keeping the shorts on, but with out much luck. He was looking so sad that I gave in and put some light weight pants on him from TCP, and off we went. And, my little boy was happy.
The other day he wanted Lunchables to take to school because some of the other kids take them in their lunches. I got a couple for him to try, but honestly don't want to start that b/c I don't think they are the healthiest or best thing for him to eat every day for lunch.
I kind of thought we were raising our children to be individuals and be themselves. Not to follow the crowd or go which ever way the wind blows. Maybe I'm jumping the gun on all this... maybe it is because he is only 4 1/2 that he wants to be like other kids and do what they are doing and wear what they are wearing.
I just hope he always knows who he is and that he will always be loved and accepted for being himself by us.


HRH said...

I thought you were only posting at my place from now on! hahaha

We go through these stages and luckily for the most part they have been stages. The Lunchable thing drives me crazy too because on what planet is nanchos lunch?

Don Mills Diva said...

Aww - I think even the most independent among us go through phases where we want to do something because others are doing it...

Kellan said...

He will. I went through this with Little Billy where he wouldn't wear jean shorts to school - only jeans - like to drive me crazy. It was because that's what the other boys wore.

I'm Kellan, btw - nice to meet you. SEe you soon.

Stephanie said...

So far I have not had a crowd follower but with four I am bound to get one eventually. All you can do is hope that you raised them to be independant enough to say no when it really counts, drugs, sex, booze. I am sure you won't have any problems with those things.

Sandy C. said...

Aww, I do believe this is a stage kids go through. If he were a bit older (maybe a tween), I'd be more concerned. Mimicking others can sometimes help you bring out your own sense of style ;)

Laski said...

Good news . . . totally normal. It is part of them creating their own identity. Part of the process. There is a term for it, but it has been so long since my child dev. classes.

Just keep on being you and stand firm on those Lunchables. Maybe you two can create your own healthy version of Lunchables!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think lunchables are pure evil--and sooo expensive. You can reuse the container and add your own (much better quality) lunch meat, crackers, and cheese.

Kellan said...

Hi Jennifer - thanks for coming by today. Hope you have a good WEdnesday! SEe you soon - Kellan

Allie Bear said...

Hello dear, I've tried to leave a comment 3 times but shit keeps happening and I have to close my computer.

Don't worry about Trevor, everyone is like this to some extent just keep telling him how awesome he is and he'll get it someday. He wants to be a part of a group and that is so normal, maybe try a sport or something to support his need to be a part of team and they wear uniforms so everyone dresses alike. :)


PS I'm playing catch up so be patient with me while I read old posts.

Annie said...

This, honestly, is what terrifies me the most about having kids.
I dread the day they come home and say "But so-and-so gets to wear this/watch that/do this!"

I mostly think I can handle kids. It's the peer pressure that I don't think I can handle.

Good & Crazy said...

Glad you stopped by. I think I love Classy.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~