Monday, June 16, 2008

Just Hilarious!

This happened a few weeks ago and I found this post in my drafts:

Lauren: Mommy can you change my poopy?

Mommy: Sure I can, lay down, I'll get the wipes and a new pamper.

Lauren: Okay.

Mommy: This poopy should have been in the potty. Maybe you'll try next time you have to go poopy to make it in the potty.

Lauren: Yep. (little to no expression with her comment)

Mommy: Okay, we'll try tomorrow.

Lauren: Yep. (cracking me up at how blank her expresssion really is)

Mommy: You are hilarious some times!

Lauren: No! I not hairyous! I LAUREN!

Mommy: (chuckling)


Crystal said...

lol! Too cute! Hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend;o)

HRH said...

such a cutie!

Stephanie said...

Funny! Hope you had a good weekend!

just jamie said...

Love it.

Sandy C. said...

That is adorable! They come up with the silliest things sometimes :) So cute!

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