Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Stroller...

Here are some more pictures of our stroller when we got it last Summer. It was raining that day too. :( Seems like I load the kids up and set them out in the rain in their stroller, a lot. lol

One of the many great things about this stroller is that the fabric is treated so the rain just beads up and rolls off the top canopy and the sides... the only part that would hold water is the cushion where the girls are sitting but those come out and can easily be washed. :)

I can't even begin to share how much I love this stroller. This whole stroller post came up b/c of a comment I had left on Stephanie's blog about strollers... I love this one and would only trade it for a newer one! (and only b/c then it would be newer... no other reason!)

You can push and steer it with one hand... and with ease. It goes any where, it is super easy to push in the sand, gravel, grass, and of course on blacktop and tile and whatever. Although it is a double stroller it is the same width as a wheel chair so you can go any where... b/c all public places have to be wheel chair accessible.

The seats recline separate from one another and go all the way down so that the girls can lay flat, although they don't usually sleep in the stroller there are the times that they want to lay down.

Anyway... like I said I could go on and on about all the things I love about our stroller, but instead I'm going to go finish up some much needed house work and if anyone has any questions you can ask them in the comments and I'll be sure to answer them.

(these aren't the best pictures, but they are what I could find quickly to throw this together... )


Stephanie said...

It's amazing how much they have changed in a years time, I mean their hair alone! Too cute!

Jennifer said...

isn't it?? I can't believe it. i think they look very much the same as they did last year... but the hair thing is just truly unbelievable. Brooke's hair is 1/2 way down her back and Lauren is really starting to get some hair. lol


Jersey said...

Hey hun,
Thats a nice one, I have to tell my sis when she's goes for number 2!!! The one she has now is called the Stake and WE BOTH LOVE IT!!! but its only for one baby/kid. I think it holds him up until 2years but not sure.
Hope all is well
love you

Sandy C. said...

They are so much bigger! No more baby-ish features.
So sweet though that they enjoy sitting in the stroller. I SO wish I had invested in a nice stroller with my daughter. The one I have is big and fell apart. :( Perhaps if we have another I'll have to invest in a nicer one.

Rhea said...

That is a nice looking stroller...looks very sturdy and functional. :o)

Indy said...

I had a double stroller and I cursed at it daily. Sounds like you have a winner.

Indy said...

I forgot to say in my last comment...

Thank you for all of your kind words about my hair and my photos. You are so sweet and it made me feel really good. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a nice message.

Angie said...

Ok, I have to know, what kind of stroller is this? See, stroller envy. I told ya! :-)

Jennifer said...


It is a Mountain Buggy Stroller... I LOVE IT!! I can't even say enough good things about it... I thought 800 was pricey... b/c my girls were already here and in a double stroller... then I got this and I couldn't LIVE with out it... it is amazing... I highly recommend it to anyone!! :)

They make single, doubles and even triple strollers... they are the BEST!!

AND right now @ Mnt Buggy they are having AMAZING sales!! You can save a LOT of money on them!! :)

if you have time go check them out... there are some that are like these, but we weren't as happy with the reviews and all that of the others... we like the MNT Buggy and are so glad we went with that... you can also look on eBay... they hold their value very well, but you can get them cheaper there. :)


just jamie said...

I have MAJOR stroller envy. Major. We bought 5 crappy strollers and never just one GREAT one. I will forever be jealous of cool strollers like yours, even when my kids are old.

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