Thursday, July 3, 2008


So I was at my parents house today when my Dad brought my Mom home, and my Aunt Audrey was with them... it was such a relief to see her. Like a breath of fresh air and a weight had been lifted from my body.

I called my dad a few times while he was at the hospital, once was right after they took my mom in for the prep before surgery... then I called my dad about 40 mins later... I was trying to be patient and not get him worrying any more than he was already. Thankfully my Aunt was up there with him to keep him company and sit with him and also my mom's cousin and I would say her best friend, Ellen, works at the hospital and was able to go see my mom and talk to my dad and Aunt.

When I talked to my dad the second time, he said that they got to see my mom for about 5 mins or so after they did the prep... which was just putting in an IV... then they took her right off to surgery... the doctor was there already and waiting... that was great. Some times you have to wait forever for the damn doctor to just show up.

The took her into the OR and the doctor held my moms hand while they got her all ready for the procedure/surgery. He knew she was nervous and that meant a lot to my mom... he had a great bedside manner. :)

Before she even knew it she was sleeping...

When I talked to my dad that second time, she had been in the OR for about 20 mins or so, and he thought it would be about another 30 mins. So that wasn't too bad.

He called me and said that she was in the recovery room and that it should be about 2 hrs before they get to see her. The doctor said that all went well, very well. I thought that two hours was a long time... but I think they say that to you so you aren't worrying after only 30 mins or so when you haven't heard anything. They like to give the patient enough time so that the family isn't stressing out. BUT two hours seemed like it was going to take an eternity. I wanted to know that she was up and doing good.

I called my dad again in about an hour. She was sitting up and had some pain meds. Ellen found out the information for us. Good. Sitting up is good that means that she came out of the anesthesia . Yay! I felt relief then.
Then it was about an hour later, my dad called to say that he was in the van with my mom and they were on their way home. I was asking him some questions about how my mom felt and he said that I could just talk to her. Just to hear her voice was great. I was relieved even more. She sounded wonderful too, pretty perky and like she was feeling well. I was happy.
Then they came home... the kids all greeted her and tried to run to hug her... I had to intercept... thankfully they hugged her gently and didn't hurt her. She looked really pale but good. Once I got to see her... then I was truly relieved and knew all was well.
I have only called the house 3 time since we left there this afternoon... just to check on her. She is doing good. She is loosing her voice some, but I think it might be from the tube she had and all and also maybe from being tired, although she said she isn't tired. I'm glad she is feeling okay. She said if she knew 2 yrs ago, after the first attack, what she knew today, she would have done this a long time ago. And yes... it was TWO years of gallbladder attacks, that wasn't a typo... we were talking about it last night and we figured it out... two whole years of living with this horrible pain and attacks which have come more frequently in recent times. But thankfully all is done and she will be okay!!
thank you all for your kind words and well wishes, thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to me to know the kind of support I have out there. I cherish each and everyone of of you and your friendship!!
love, Jenn


jenn said...

I'm so glad your mom is doing so well. It must have been so hard not being able to be there, and having to wait by the phone. I admire your restraint in only calling 3 times since you left....I'd probably be calling every 30 minutes! lol! I hope you get a good nights rest tonight.


Stephanie said...

Happy to hear she is doing well, home, and feeling better already.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Jenn & Stephanie. She is doing good. Well last I spoke to her... I hope she has a good nights rest. :)

Jenn, I'm still thinking of ya! :)

Stephanie... I hope you are lovin' your new freedom from your MIL. ;)

xoxox thanks again.

Rhea said...

Two years of suffering gall bladder attacks is rough. I only had one attack and that sent me to an ER and into surgery less than a couple of weeks later.

I'm so glad your mom came out well and everything was good! YAY! I know you're so relieved and can sleep better now. :o)

Annie said...

I'm so glad to hear it was a success and she's home and feeling better!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm so glad that everything went well and that your mom is doing better. Yay!

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