Thursday, July 3, 2008

Your thoughts...

Hi ya'll. It is almost 4th of July!! yay!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend... be safe and have a good time. But while we are all partying and celebrating please keep my mom in your thoughts for a quick and speedy recovery... you can read the posts below for more info and also please keep Jenn in your thoughts and prayers.

You can jump over to her blog... Enjoying the Ride for some info on her. She is going in for a breast reduction on Monday morning. She is nervous, to say the least... and really who wouldn't be? I know I sure as hell would be... especially since I'm only a C cup now... gosh!! lol Just kidding... well I'm not really kidding about any of it... but I would be very nervous as well for all the same reasons Jenn is. Since just going through a surgery with my mom, I totally feel for Jenn, and I'm concerned and nervous for her too. (although I know she will be just fine!)

Jenn is such a sweetie... so if you would please pray for her and her family as she has surgery on Monday that she will be okay through out the day and respond well to everything. All thoughts and well wishes can be left here I will forward them to Jenn or you can go right on over and leave her a comment or two... she doesn't bite, I promise!!

Thank you for all your support!!



jenn said...

Thank you! You are so sweet!

Jennifer said...

ANY time Jenn... really it is the least I can do. :)

take care!!

Annie said...

Happy 4th to you!

jenn said...

A water park sounds like so much fun!!!! I have avoided them myself because of the bathing suit issue, but hopefully after tomorrow, I'll feel a little bit better about that. LOL!

My son will have my cell tomorrow, and will send you a text when I get into recovery. If you see a text from area code 864, that's him! Hopefully crystal will post for me. I send her an email, but she's off canoodeling her man this weekend! LOL!

Anyway, I hope you're having an amazing time today! Oh, and you should go join facebook. It's fun to play all the games and chat when we're online together. I know you probably have no free time to play, but you should check it out! Let me know if you do so I can find you!

I'm babbling! It's the nerves. So, have an amazing day, nd I'll be back in a few days!!!! (or later tonight if I can't sleep!)

Rhea said...

Good luck to Jenn! I'd love a breast reduction too. I think I've been blessed with way too much in that area.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~