Sunday, July 6, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend!!

For sure!! We had one hell of a weekend!! ugh! I'm so tired but since I haven't posted here for a while I wanted to post about our weekend... also b/c I want to make sure I keep track of all this... I want to try to make a book for the kids about our summer adventures... like a real book with pictures and a story!! Maybe I will make a few about the different things we did... I'm not sure yet... it is just a raw idea still... but anyway... if I blog about it all then I will have some place to come reference when my mind bails out on me and leaves me to fend for myself.

So it all started with Thursday night I went over to my parents house again to visit with my mom and make sure she was feeling well... I was still concerned... and honestly still am. I have called her a few times every day just to check on her... she sounds okay, well actually she didn't sound good at all for a few days b/c she had NO voice... it is just coming back today... thank God... but she said she was feeling okay. I can tell by seeing her that she is a little bit sore... which I hate!! I want her to just be GREAT...but I know that is totally unrealistic... so anyway... I will deal with that since she is up and moving and feeling, I guess, the best that can be expected right now. She is even going into work tomorrow... driving herself... which means no pain meds... so I really hope she is okay. I told her I would drive her and pick her up... but she said she will be okay. I hope so. I can always go to get her if she doesn't feel well and would like to come home and doesn't feel like driving. :) So yeah... I'm still concerned and worried about how she is feeling... but I think that is normal. :)

Then Friday Bryan was home... so that was nice... we don't usually get any extra days with him being off... sometimes he will just work on the holiday just b/c things usually don't happen till later at night.. parties and stuff... but this one he actually stayed home. yay! He even cooked us all breakfast... eggs, sausage and toast!! Whatta good hubby and daddy!! :)

Then I went over to my parents house again to visit and see how my mom was doing... and just check in on everyone... my dad had gotten hit in the face last weekend while trying to fix a strut, he got hit pretty hard, it bruised up his face, and lip and cut him pretty good on his cheek bone... ugh... I was still worrying about him too...

Then I came home and Bryan took a nap... while the kids were napping too... so while that was going on... I got everything packed up for our first Fourth of July party this weekend!! I had to get the kids outfits ready for what they were going to wear there... the girls had new dresses that were sooo cute and Trevor had a new shirt... they all looked so cute in their red, white and blue... BUT I don't think I got any pictures!! DAMMIT!! I will have to dress them all in them again and get some... maybe this week... I can bribe them with candy... they are NOT too fond of pictures lately...ugh!! Oh well... anyway... so I got things ready... and then got the kids up and got them dressed then got Bryan up and we went to the grocery store first to pick up some soda for the party... which WOW the store was packed... it wasn't as bad as my last grocery store experience... which I still have to blog about... that one... well that one will have you peeing in your pants and totally agreeing w/ me about how horrible it is to grocery shop sometimes. lol
**(I promise to post about that grocery store trip this week!! It is good!!)**

Anyway... then we were off the the campground where all the local firemen camp... it is actually the fire departments campground... it is a good deal... $40 a month for a campsite with sewer, electric, cable, water, and I'm not sure what else... but it is fun to go and hang out... Bryan's mom has a camper that she leaves there all summer! Anyway.. the party was okay. Lauren and Brooke HATE fireworks!! They are scared to death of them... Lauren plugs her ears the ENTIRE time... and won't really look at them too much... and Brooke had a DEATH grip on me... which she tightened up every time a firework was set off... poor babies... I hope next year they enjoy them! But we'll see.

We went to the campsite after the fireworks and sat around the campfire for a little while then we packed up some very tired and cranky kiddos... they went from being GREAT to cranky pretty quickly... it was time to go. :)

Came home and threw all of them in bed... dirty feet and all. :)

Got up the next morning and started getting everything ready all over again for another Fourth of July party... this time it was at Bryan's Aunt's house... so I had to bring swimming stuff and extra clothes and the works so there was even more packing involved... and when I pack to go some where for an extended period of time... I pack like we are going on a weekend vacation. lol I have to bring extra clothes for all three kids... and then I need to bring warmer clothes for them for it gets chilly or if they are cold from swimming, and towels and extra clothes for Bryan and I and all this... so there is a LOT of clothes... but you know what... I'm ALWAYS prepared!! ALWAYS!!! :) lol Bryan keeps threatening to just put a dresser in the back of the truck... which seriously would make my life a LOT easier!! :) lol

So we made some zitti with sausage in it... which was YUMMY and off we went... our entire wardrobe change and all!! lol

WE had a great time and got to see some more fireworks... in which the girls didn't enjoy too much again...but I'm really hoping by next year they will be good with them... we'll see. I also want to go to Disney before then... which probably won't happen... but if it does then they will see the fireworks there so maybe they will like them. :) who knows... okay back to the whirlwind weekend...

We didn't leave there until about 11:30 or so at which point I decided that I was definitely going to take the kids and go with Bryan in the morning to a water park... he was going to be down hill mountain biking with Chris... so Heather and I decided to take the kiddos to the water park which is at the same place!! :) yay!! WE SURVIVED!! lol It wasn't too bad... Trevor and Nick were EXCELLENT... they played great together and had a blast... they even listened really well... Lauren was GOOD too! She had a lot of fun!! Brooke was beat... she was so tired and cranky and GLUED to me all day... she had fun at some points but she also cried quite a bit and wasn't too happy... but they all had such a long weekend... that maybe it wasn't the best idea but it worked... and we had a good time! :) All of us... the boys did good riding Bryan crashed once at the end of the day... his last run... but I think it was b/c he was tired out from doing it all day long... but I'm not sure. Thankfully he was okay... he had on all his protective gear... we just need to get him a chest and back protector! :)

And, we stopped for ice cream on the way home at the DQ so that was nice!! :) OH... duh and some where in there we went to Burger King for breakfast before getting to the park and then we went to this great pizza place for lunch and then went back to the park after... for about another hour or so... it was nice. :) I'm sooo tired though from the weekend... and I know I have a busy week ahead of me with cleaning and packing the camper and also catching up on laundry... we have a lot from the weekend and all... and also Lauren and Brooke have been having bed wetting accidents... which I think is b/c they are just so tired when they get into bed... they are sleeping so soundly that they just have no control of wetting... b/c they were doing really good with it... I think we just have to get back on our regular bedtime schedule or at least try, it is hard in the summer... but we are going to work on something... and then they should be okay... neither one of them wants to wear a diaper or pull up to bed... they look at is as punishment... so I don't want to do that... and I don't want to hype up the diaper and pull-up as being sooo cool and fun... so they will wear it... b/c I don't want them to want to wear it all the time again... Brooke was potty trained for a while and did NOT want to wear undies... she only wanted to wear pull-up. Thankfully we have gotten passed that. They have NOT worn one single pull-up or diaper since Father's Day!! :) yay!! yippee!! But, we might need to just at night time. If anyone has any btdt advice or just any suggestions or thoughts on this at all please feel free to comment about it... I'd love any and all input I can get.

Oh so anyway... I went off there about bed wetting and forgot what I was typing about originally. :) duH!! I know I have a lot of laundry and house cleaning this week and also getting the camper cleaned and packed and shopping for while we are away... I want to try to eat as many meals as we can at the campsite not the park... that gets way to expensive for 5 people... plus since my parents are going I'd like to treat them a few times too... they always try to pay for us... ALWAYS!! :) So anyway... I want to get some breakfast, lunch and dinner food planned out and some snacks too... they don't care what you bring into the park... so I'm going to start freezing some water and juices to take camping and into the park so they will be nice n cold to drink while we are strolling around. :)

Also, any thoughts and prayers for Jenn tonight, tomorrow during her surgery and the week to follow for a successful surgery without any surprises and also for a speedy recovery and feeling well, would be greatly appreciated! ~ you can read the post below and link her from there!!

God speed, Jenn!! I'm thinkin' of ya honey!! You're going to do great!! :) xoxoxo


jenn said...

Thank you, yet again, for being so sweet! I should be sleeping, but.....ya know, nerves! lol!

It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I'm seriously out of breath just reading all this! I'm jealous of your upcoming camping trip! We were going to spend a week on lake greenwood, then I had to go and have this stupid operation. lol! Oh well, maybe in the fall.

So the water park was fun? Did they have big slides and rides? If they did, did you ride? I have always wanted to go on a big ass water slide.

I am so happy to hear your mom is doing so well. I hope she doesn't push herself too far tomorrow by going back to work.

Alrighty, I'm off to bed! I'll be back sometime tuesday, I hope, if I'm not to drugged up! lol! There's no telling what I'll be posting!


just jamie said...

Whoa. That *was* a whirlwind weekend.

First of all, hope your parents are staying strong. Your concerns are completely loving and normal. And Jenn, good luck. Ugh.

Also, I'm thinking a dresser in the back of your truck is a great idea by the sound of you. :)

LceeL said...

What a weekend! Just where did you get any 'relaxation' in that weekend?

Oh, and prayers for Jenn. Big time.

Rhea said...

What a weekend!! I'm tired just reading all about it. I think the thing I focused on the most was your hubby making breakfast for you and everyone. I wish my hubby would do that!! I'm always up and going way before him on the weekends.

Sandy C. said...

Jenn, I was thinking about your mom through most of the weekend. I'm so glad you posted an update. I hope her voice is making it's way back, and she's recovering well. I don't blame you one bit for worrying. I know I would too.

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend though. What a treat Bryan came home Friday!

Hope you all have a lovely week :)

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