Monday, July 7, 2008

This story is the truth, the whole truth and nottin' but the truth...

it was Wednesday... i went to the lovely wally world b/c i needed to have a new eye exam b/c i need new frames b/c mine broke... long really LONG story here, but we'll save that...

anyway... after my appointment that took over an hour... ugh... well b/c i had to wait more than 30 mins to be seen... we were done. Bryan went off to work and I had the three kids in the store, to fend for myself. I had to get some grocery items for food that we are bringing to 4th of July parties this past weekend...








complete with all types of animals... pigs, cows, and most of all jack-asses!! ( okay maybe not a zoo as much as it was a farm ... but you get the point)

you could barely walk any where let alone get your cart through any place... and people just refuse to...

a) use manners OF ANY KIND!!
b) move the hell out of the way, even after you have said excuse me about 5 times.
c) use common sense, what-so-ever
d) have any manners!! seriously!
e) be descent human beings and use their freakin' brains, not even a little bit!!
f) use ANY manners... AT ALL!!!

okay.. you get the point. :) I had to back down an isle and tell of this 16-17 yr old boy that slammed my cart so hard, for NO reason and then said nothing and kept walking... that I was still feeing the vibration of the handle as I backed down the isle to ask this moron why he couldn't even say sorry or whatever. He stood there staring at me, like he was from another planet... or like I was. I could have killed him. I ended up yelling at him and telling the rules of common courtesy. ugh!!

then i had some lady think that she could tell my children where to stand, when A. they weren't in her way and B. I, you know, their mother, told them to stand right where they were standing. ugh. I had to give her a nice eye roll and "mind your G-damn business" look.

I also had Brooke & Lauren whining and fighting over who the hell was going to sit in the shopping cart.. yeah this from the two kids that NEVER want to sit there any other damn time... even when I beg them to sit there... yeah. this trip they both "needed" to sit there. ugh.

And when I went to check out the credit card thing got unplugged some how... so the front end manager came over and fixed it... then it took forever to come back online... then it still wouldn't work... so they had to suspend my order and take me to another check out... in the mean time there was some rude asshat behind me running his mouth about the "dumb cashier" I had to politely tell him OFF. ass hat... it is NOT her fault it the computer... she is doing the best she can so just shut it!!

then on the way to the other register so I could pay... I got accused of trying to cut someone on in line... OH please... you see me with my groceries in bags, in the cart following the cashier... gimme a break... I had to get loud with that lady too... please honey. save it for the streets!! lol

so after having one hell of a time shopping, and making it through the zoo... and fighting with all kinds of people I'm out the door to the parking lot when all of a sudden my damn flip-flop broke!! ugh. All I thought was that all the people I told off would get a big kick outta seeing me with one shoe. I tried to drag it along... but the part hat goes between your toes came out of the bottom of the shoe... so there was no way... I pick up and throw it in the cart... only it bounces out the other side.. in trying to get the flip flop, control the cart that is running into the back of my ankles make sure Lauren stays sitting, Trevor doesn't let go and go off into the parking lot and hold brooke, I go around to the other side of the cart pick up my broken flip flop and put it in the cart... and walk barefoot in the NASTY parking lot the truck... hoping that none of the butt wads I was nasty to sees me. lol

whatta day!


and seriously this is true... I wish I could make this shit up... but I'm not that good.


LceeL said...

Oh, but you ARE that good. Next time, take a whip and a chair with you when you go shopping. Just to fend off the animals, mind you.

Rhea said...

I was reading this, thinking, "huh, this sounds familiar" and I couldn't figure out why...then it finally hit me, you posted this in my comment section, so that's why I've read it before!! LOL I'm a little slow sometimes. hehe. I really feel for ya, this sounds like a nightmare shopping trip. And I loved the imagery of your not-so-dignified exit. hehe

Pregnantly Plump said...

How stressful! When we lived in Tennessee, I would wait until a University of Tennessee football game or Nascar race to do my major Wal-Mart shopping. The store, while still hopping, wasn't nearly as congested.

Crystal said...

DAMN!! I need a stiff drink just READING todays post! lOLOL! Just breath!!! It'll get better, holiday is over! It was crazy here too at the walmart. I had to get stuff for the motocross and people were EVERYWHERE!!! It was crazy!

Sandy C. said...

Good heavens! I HATE days like this. I'm so sorry you had to navigate through the wild amazon supermarket before a holiday weekend :( Good for you for not taking people's crap.

Hope you can breathe now that the weekend is finally over.

Annie said...

Wally World drives me INSANE!! I admit I have limited patience to begin with, but it's like the air sucks the remaining bit out of me.

I can't STAND the people that are just moseying. And then they don't move...? Ugh.

I try to go on off hours only, and only when I have to.

Stephanie said...

Oh that so sucked, I hate days like that, where everything seems to go wrong. Hope your 4th was better than that!

Kellan said...

I've had days like those - more than I care to remember. Hope tomorrow is better. Kellan

That Chick Over There said...

Isn't Wal-Mart always like this? I hate that place.

Angie said...

And this would be reason 45,076 that I hate going to Wal-mart. Sorry you had such a typical shopping experience with them. It happens to me all the time and I keep going back for more. What is wrong with me??? :-)

MamaWise said...

It seems people get more and more rude the more I go out with my kids. It's like a free-for-all out there... I hate it! Makes me want to scream sometimes, instead of just mumbling under my breath.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~