Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st Day of School

~ First Day of Kindergarten Pictures~

*thursday thirteen post below & more pictures to come*


jenn said...

What a handsome little man! He doesn't look too happy in that second picture...where did that smile go?????

Stephanie said...

He's so cute! Hope he had a gret day.

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe he's already in school!!! I know last year he went but this is the 1st full day.
Oh yeah I love the first pic with Brooke in the background making faces :P
Love ya

Rhea said...

You're doing very nice things with your pictures! Love it. Your Trevor is such a cutie! Hope he liked his first day of school.

Sandy C. said...

What a big boy!!! Oh what a big day for you all :) He looks so happy and excited. What a proud moment this must have been for you :)

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