Saturday, September 27, 2008

Murphy's Law...

Murphy's Law:

Whatever CAN go wrong... WILL go wrong.

Ugh! our washing maching is spitting water all over our basement.

Please pray that our house doesn't catch on fire tonight. All kidding aside.


jenn said...

I hope things are better this morning.

Sending super big (((hugs))) your way!!!!

Love you!!!!

This Guy said...

Ack! Thats aweful! I hope your washing machine gets feeling better soon!!! I REALLY hope nothing catches on fire too!! Water and Electricity aren't the best of friends!!

jenn said...

Just checking in!

Stephanie said...

Really sucks!

Rhea said...

Damn, that's not cool of your washing machine to do that. Bad washing machine.

I figure bad things happen in threes. lol Good luck!

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