Thursday, September 25, 2008

Up & At Em'

I'm up the kids are up. Trevor is on the bus and off to school. The girls are eating breakfast... in front of the tv in the living room. (I know, bad mommy! bad!) I'm sitting here, stalling. BUT, in my defense, I want to document this move. I have moved a few times... from my parents house to live with my bf after high school, then out of that house to live with friends, then back to my parents house, then out to live with a gf (not that kind of gf! ;) lol) then back to my parents house then moved out to move in with Bryan, then we moved from one house to this house, and now we are moving again but to OUR house!! :) So anyway... lets just say that I have lots of experience packing and moving.
But this time is different. This time I have an entire house to pack PLUS three kids and their stuff. I packed an entire house before, but it was easier. I had an extra room to put the packed boxes in and I started a month in advance and had no kids to slow me down. Now I feel like I'm not going to be able to pack the way I want to.
I sort of have an idea for a system, in other words, these are my crazy thoughts while I lay in bed at night NOT sleeping thinking about THE HOUSE!
Here are my thoughts about how to pack:
  • start with stuff we aren't using now... summer clothes/beach stuff things like that
  • start in the kids rooms (they have a LOT more stuff it seems than we do in our room)
  • go through EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that I'm packing and get rid of things


  • clothes that are too small, or don't wear... donate or give to others.
  • toys they have out grown, list on Craig's list, give away or donate
  • broken toys ~ throw out!
  • happy meal toys ~ throw out!
  • things that we haven't used or touched since we moved here 6 yrs ago!!!


  • pack clothes, blankets, toys all non-fragile things first
  • LABEL!! LABEL. EVERY. SINGLE. BOX... top and sides!
  • clean this house as I pack things up to help with the last cleaning before we leave
  • pack as many boxes as I have every day that I have boxes

So these are my thoughts for now about packing. My mom and Bryan are worried I'm getting over my head with packing... no pun intended! ;) I think of it as I HAVE to start now!! There is no other choice! Bryan even said to me last night that he is thinking maybe we could be in the new house by November 1st!! NOVEMBER FIRST PEOPLE!!! I'm excited!! ... but!! I have an entire house to pack up!! I think there is no other way to get all this done the way I want to do it... organized, sorted out and cleaned then to pack every. single. minute I have free from doing other things toward the move.

I'm off to pack!! :)


jenn said...

Sounds like you've got a plan! Just think how much easier it will be to UNPACK if you are organized now.

And I HATE happy meal toys!!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

We're in the process of moving, too, we start October 1st. I'm lucky, hubby LOVES packing! I just direct him.

Momisodes said...

Wow! You are so organized and well planned. I sure wish I had you around for my last 12-13 moves (I can't remember).

In our last move, I liked using the Big Ziploc storage bags (the ones that can fit comforters and pillows). They were perfect for labeling and organizing clothes and linens. You can also squeeze all of the air out of them so they take up less space :)

Everything else we didn't need went to charity, or was sold on Craigslist.

Best wishes packing! Wish I were there to help.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you just make me all the more glad that people come and do all that for me when I move. Of course if we do get to move into a bigger house on post we will have to do it ourselves. That freaks me out.

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