Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things we are thinking...

Things we are thinking and talking about in our house tonight are something like this:

  • we need boxes

  • we need packing tape and paper

  • GOD we have a lot of shit

  • we need to get the girls each a twin bed & get them out of their toddler beds

  • we have to get Trevor a new bed, his car bed is too big for his new room

  • GOD we have a LOT of shit

  • we have to call our current landlord & give them notice of us moving

  • we have to figure out how much work/fixing the kitchen will need (new house)

  • we need a LOT of boxes

  • WOW!! we really do have a LOT of shit

  • wonder when we will be able to get in the house

  • wonder when we will hear from Sig. tonight?? tomorrow??
  • we should be packing something
  • we have a LOT of stuff to pack. A LOT!

these are only some of our thoughts... we have others. i'll share them as we go through this journey of moving to our new home.


jenn said...

So, I get the feeling you guys have a lot of shit. LOL!

LceeL said...

Buy a bunch of BIG BOXES. And Bins. You know - those big blue plastic bins they have at KMart. You can move in 'em, and then you have them available for storage in oyur new home.

Elizabeth said...

Hey if you want go to Walmart and see if they have any boxes that they are throwing away. That's what we did when we moved and we didn't have to pay for anything :)

Oh yeah I'm seeing a lot of very cute things at Pottry Barn UGH its so hard to just pick one for you guys. I know you have a lot of help. But if you need help when you guys move let me know I will be up there in a second!!!
love ya

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