Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I can NOT believe I did this!! UGH!! I LOST my damn Link List!! I changed the background of my page and I was carefully trying to re-link everyone to my new page... and I accidentally closed out of it and now it is gone forever!!
SO... if you were on my list OR even if you weren't on my list and you would like to be please leave me a comment and I will add you! :)
I'm sorry. I really did it on accident... and the ones that are there are as far as I got to saving them... I know there were a LOT more of you... so please help a sister out and leave a comment!!
AND now is the time IF you happen to be a lurker... DE-lurk and leave a comment so I can add you too! :)
tootle lou!


J said...


jenn said...

well, you remembered me! yay!!!!

Pregnantly Plump said...

How frustrating! Blogger can be such a pain sometimes...

just jamie said...

Technology malfunctions are just about the most frustrating damn thing. Add me, purdy please.

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