Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hi there.

I'm not sure if anyone is reading any more... but I also want to document for myself and family that we actually moved... well for the most part and we are still ALIVE. We have been staying at the other/new house... our HOME... and things are going okay. I would say great... but we have come across some problems and situations. Thankfully they are seemingly working themselves out and/or we are able to get them fixed.

It is a MESS there... there is stuff every where, boxes and bags and clothes and toys and bedding and whatever you could think of... but everyday we make some headway. Well actually I make some headway, but who is keeping track anyway?? ;)

I was going to blog yesterday when I came here to the OLD house... because we are waiting till Monday to switch the cable/Internet and phone over. I was going to have it done on Friday, but that is Halloween, and they were going to come between 1PM - 4PM and I just don't want to have to wait around for a tech to show up and then do whatever they have to do before we go Trick or Treating... especially because Trevor is done with school tomorrow at 12 AM. I'm very happy about this. He is going to have a parade at his school tomorrow also and I think tonight, depending how this evening goes we might make cupcakes for his class.

Nights have been kind of rough at our house... well not really night time but around dinner time. The girls are tired out and not really napping and Trevor is just beat. They don't nap in his kindergarten class and I think he still needs that quiet rest time even if he doesn't sleep... although I think he would sleep if he would let himself relax enough. When we are home and he happens to let himself drift off he will sleep for 2 hrs or longer. So he must still need a nap. I know I could use a nap these last few weeks. :)

Last night we carved pumpkins. We all took Monday as a mental health day. We moved a HUGE truck load of most of our house over on Saturday, and worked like dogs to get things ready. We cleaned, moved, packed and painted. Thankfully we had friends helping us... but it was still a LOT of work. :S So when Monday rolled around, well actually Sunday night, after the kids and I got home from my niece Julia's 4th birthday party, Bryan and I decided it would be good for all of us to take tomorrow and go get pumpkins and also go a few places to look for twin mattresses frames and beds for all three kids and also dressers as well and to get a few other things for the house that we needed. There are a million things we want... but we are trying to limit our shopping to what we need... at least for now. :)

So Monday we had a great day. We got up and did a few things around the house... putting some more stuff away. Everyone had some breakfast and then we all got dressed and off we went... we stopped at a furniture store and found some really nice quality dressers and beds that we liked, and were made from REAL wood... not some other crap... so they would last and really be worth buying... and we also found a new sectional (one that would actually fit in our living room too) that we LOVED and a coffee table and a sofa table that matched that we absolutely NEED... but aren't getting just yet. We have other priorities as far as furniture. We got rid of the girls dressers from our old house... so I have NO where to put their clothes... we also got rid of Trevor's wardrobe and he doesn't have the shelving in his closet that we used to have in the old house so there is major lack of place to put clothing. It is slightly making me NUTS... I have developed a small twitch from it... but will hope to solve this problem soon!! (VERY SOON!!) Then we went to Middletown and stopped in one other store on the way to the pumpkin patch... it was a second hand store, where they had two BRAND NEW in plastic twin mattresses and box springs... but... are you ready... they wanted $321 each. SERIOUSLY!! I can go buy them brand new from the original store for that or maybe less... so we skipped that deal. Next it was off to the pumpkin patch!! yay!! the kids were being excellent, but they were very anxious to get to the pumpkin patch instead of any other stores!! :) Can't say I blame them.

We got to the pumpkin patch and we were the only ones there... so we had an easy time of picking pumpkins that we wanted and also paying quickly without a long line and the lady was kind enough to let the kids do the hay maze for free. They did it two times... once through they turned around and went back through... they did good. The first time the girls followed Trevor but the second time we sent them each by themselves and they did okay. Trevor and Lauren made it out fine, Brooke would have made it but she panicked... she was so close to the end too. :( But she was okay as soon as we sent Trevor to help her out and she heard and saw Bryan and I telling her it was okay. :)

From the pumpkin patch we went to Linen N Things... I had some money on a gift card from our wedding still... over a year and half ago, but it was still good and they are going out of business so we thought while we needed things for the house, had the card and they were going out of business we should go check some things out. We did get a few things we needed and a few we didn't really need but it was okay... but they aren't really having any HUGE sale just yet... I think we might go back in a few weeks and see then. I would really love a new cookware set and they have some really nice ones. :) I also want to see if they have our dish set any more and maybe pick up another set to match... I love our dishes. :)

From Linen N Things we asked the kids where they wanted to eat for lunch...
Trevor picked Friendly's and the girls were happy to go there. :) (So was Mom!) I love Friendly's and it had been a while since we ate there. With the kids we mostly stick to places like KFC, McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King... you know the fast places where if they are loud it isn't as bad as them being loud at a restaurant. I don't really have a problem taking them to restaurants, because they are kids and sometimes kids act out and some times they are a little bit loud and sometimes they cry... so what! That is just what happens. And for the people that are there eating... if they have kids they understand and know exactly what is going on and if they don't, well then they learn what kids are about. LOL Plus our kids are getting older and are really good when we go out to eat. They all sit by themselves no one is up running around or anything and they do good. They are pretty happy to be out and look around and eat something different then at home, and all that. :) They understand it is a treat.

Anyway... they were all EXCELLENT in Friendly's and ate pretty well. :) Then from Friendly's we went to two other stores and then headed home to go to Wal-Mart quick and grab a few things and then go home to get some things done. The kids had some time to play and hang out and have a snack... since lunch was late and we had a LOT of food they were okay with skipping dinner. (I know. Shame, shame. Bad Mommy for not feeding them dinner) We got everyone off to bed and then watched a movie and hung out some before turning in ourselves.

Tuesday we woke up to SNOW snow and MORE SNOW!! ugh. It was unreal. First there was a two hour delay... I was happy. :) That would give us some extra time our first morning of going to school from the new house... it meant that Trev didn't have to be to school until 11:15 AM!! :)

We were hanging out and doing some things around the house... the kids were playing and having fun... just enjoying being at the new house. :) Then my dad called me to tell me that they cancelled school. I couldn't understand why on the first snow fall they would cancel school, but the snow just kept coming all day long!! We went to the old house to do some things and make a few phone calls and the roads were crummy. But we did good. I love driving in the snow. :) The kids were so excited about the snow. They kept saying... "Yay it's snowing, Santa is coming!!" lol I had to tell them just because it is snowing doesn't mean that Santa is coming. :) They were still so happy about the snow. I think Trevor was the most happy but the girls were pretty happy too. :)

We did some things around the old house and then headed home to the new house. :) The girls napped some and I was able to make dinner while Trevor played and watched a movie. We are all seriously missing regular tv. The girls are GLUED to Nick Jr right now while I'm typing this and the washer and dryer are going. I can't wait to have everything in one place.. it has been so LONG since I had everything in one house. BUT this Saturday we are going to move everything that is left here in the old house to the NEW house!! yay!! then I will just come back next week to clean up this house. :)

Yesterday the girls and I took Trevor to school, he just made it in time. I thought we were doing good, but some how we lost about 10 minutes from the door to the truck. But anyway... it was a good time to talk on the way to school... Trevor was telling me about things he does in school and what he loves about school and the girls were singing to me. It was nice. :)

After we took Trev to school we came to the old house and did some packing and some laundry... it was cold here, so we were anxious to go to my mom and dad's house. AND we were also anxious because Aunt Jamie and Julia were home yesterday!! :) The girls were a little tired out and cranky by the time we got there, but it was okay... they all got along okay. Then we left in time to come to the old house and check the dryer and then go get Trevor from school and then stop at the Post Office and set up a PO box and get the forms to forward our mail. :)

After the PO we went off to town to pick up Bryan from work. This whole not having a work truck thing sucks!! But it is nice to have some extra time with Bryan each day when we pick him up from work. :) By the time we got home the girls were sleeping... I laid them down for naps in their beds. Trevor wanted to go outside to play in the snow and since I found his snow pants that day while packing, I got him all bundled up and sent him out. He was so happy!! :) Then he came in and had some hot chocolate. I got him set up with a movie while I started dinner warming up from the night before, and started to organize/clean and put away some toys in his room. Sure enough he fell asleep on my bed watching his movie. :) It was so peaceful to have the kids napping and actually getting some stuff done around the house. :)

I got dinner ready and got the kids up... Bryan came in from hunting and we ate. Then my parent's called to say that they were going to come over to visit and see what we got done with the house... they hadn't seen the kids rooms painted yet. :) So they came over and hung out for a while... then the kids started to draw their faces on their pumpkins so we could carve them. :) It was pretty cute the faces that they drew... my mom helped the girls draw their mouths. :) Then my mom and dad left because it was after 8 PM and we got to carving the pumpkins (quickly b/c it was getting late). They came out great! The kids were happy and had a lot of fun doing it. :) We saved the seeds, cleaned them and baked them. They came out GREAT!! yummy!!

Then we put everyone to bed and crashed. :)

This morning we made better time and we actually got Trevor to school ON TIME!! yay!! And now we are here at the old house FREEZING b/c Bryan turned the heat down... ugh. And we are doing laundry... coloring and playing and watching DIEGO on real cable TV. lol and of course we are BLOGGING!! :)

I am going to go do more laundry and packing and also put some more pictures onto Snapfish so if my computer takes a crap I can have some of the pictures saved. I want to try to get them all over there, but I'm not sure that is possible with the time limit I have. :S We'll see.

I miss you all. Sorry I have been gone. I will try to be around to read and catch up on Monday!!
(or maybe over the wkend)


Stephanie said...

Wow, you have done a lot since you were last on. Hopefully everything will be in one spot soon. Wow, snow already, I don't miss that from when we lived in MA. It's been very cold here lately. Not fun.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm still reading! Wow, you have been busy. Moving is rough, we're just getting settled in. Happy Halloween!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

PS, you have been BOO'ed! Come visit my blog.

jenn said...

wow. I am tired just reading all that. I figured when you went missing that you guys were moving.

I miss friendly's. They used to have the best peanut butter topping for ice cream. Okay, now I'm drooling! When I come visit you, we are so going there, and then we're getting some garlic knots!

LceeL said...

Wow. I love your long rambling posts as much as I love your long rambling comments. Which, I might add, I have REALLY been missing. I hope your twitch is getting better. Not having places to put things makes Annie crazy, too. But you'll find what you need.

Take your time. Do things right the first time - that way you won't have to spend time later doing them over.


This Guy said...

Wow, now thats a READ! I'm glad you have finished up moving! I know the process, its crazy, been living 1/2 at my new place and 1/2 at the old place myself too! Glad you are still alive! ;)

Hopefully they will get your cable and everything hooked up quickly, i'd hate for you to be away from blogging land for too much longer!!!

Geeze, Im sure Trevor must still need those naps! I'm 27 and I still need them every now and then! ;) lol

I hope you get a chance to post some halloween pictures of the kiddies and pumpkins!!

I love these long rambly blog posts and miss your long rambly comments too! hehehe

I think I need a nap now after reading this all, if im tired out, you must be exhausted! ;)

Bret xoxo

Momisodes said...

WOW! Congratulations!!!!

I am so happy for you all :) This is such an exciting time. No worries about blogging, I think many of us can relate to the madness of moving. I hope you are all settling in well, and that all the kinks work themselves out soon.

Sending many warm wishes to you all in your new home!

Angie's Spot said...

I'm still here! Congrats on the big move! That was quite a long read. Obviously you guys have been way busy. And the time of year doesn't help things. LOL! Good luck with settling in! :-)

jenn said...

Just checking in....

Love ya!

Donna said...

Good Grief!! You must be tuckered Out!!haaaa....Enjoy the new place! Snow??? Yuck! Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

This Guy said...

Hope all is well, miss ya! :)
Bret xoxo

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