Wednesday, November 5, 2008


OMG!!! first things first....

wow. i'm really ONLINE!! i'm really actually sitting down and typing on a computer that has ITERNET!!! holy!!!

i'm not home. i'm at my parents house. using my nephews computer. thankfully everyone is graciously letting me use their stuff. i have missed being connected with the "real" world and OF COURSE with everyone in blog-land. :(

I cannot wait to get everything all set up so they can connect me to the LIVE world!! I have to wait till next Monday for the cable company to come... we had an appointment this past Monday but we didn't have anything ready so I had to reschedule it.
We at least have the tv and computer at our "NEW" house now so we can work on getting things set up... I guess.

Things are going. I wouldn't say they are going smoothly and I wouldn't say they are going bad either... they are just sort of going.

This past Saturday we got another HUGE truck load of stuff from the "OLD" house and now there isn't much there... but still stuff we have to clean up and take care of. UGH. I've been working on that every day little by little... cleaning the house and bagging up stuff for garbage that we aren't taking and don't want. Thankfully we found a new home for the sugar gliders, a girl that has two already and LOVES them!! yay. And we have also found some good homes for our furniture that we didn't want to have at the new house.

Last night I had wrote a blog post... so I guess I will type that in now...


happy election day.

~My blog! Hmmm... ironic that i'm sitting in the computer chair, but it is at the dinning room table no where near the computer that is in a box downstairs but i'm still "BLOGGING" instead of doing at least one of the million things there is to be done around here. *(some things never change!)*

i guess since strinking the keys and having the words go to the same spot as always - even though NOTHING else is the same is comforting - although I'm not striking the keys - I'm doin' it old school with some pen and paper ---> thank goodness I was able to find the pen and paper - this seems to be my ONLY savor right now.

for some reason i'm very sad and lonely in our new house... okay not very, but a little bit. everything is here, the furniture - toys - clothes - washer - dryer - beds - kids - noise - chaos - same thing as home, yet this just doesn't feel like i'm home.

the kids are adjusting great. they are happy here and seem to love it. they sleep well and play and eat like it is every other normal day... and I suppose it is... a normal day.

Bryan is busy. Working - things with the house - cleaning up the old house - trying to figure out stuff at the new house. but even if he wasn't busy I'm sure he wouldn't feel sad about being here.... in the woods... all alone... far from civilization.

I'm sure or actually quite positive of a few things -

1. - taking Trevor to and from school and being out in the real world and doing something familiar and seeing familiar faces is helping to keep me sane.

2. - going to the "OLD" house to clean and finalize everything is helping me to not miss it there... which is strange to me that I would miss it there... b/c I am the one that wanted to move... that did NOT want to live in that house any more... I needed more closets and space and didn't want to be cold all winter although we were pumping tons of propane out to heat the house that NEVER stayed warm.

3. - having company over makes it seem like we aren't really that far in the middle of no where (which truly we aren't - only six miles to town!)

4. - surprise visits from my parents made my entire weekend great and gives me much (needed) hope that they will come over often - which makes living further away from them seem more tolerable.

5. - Not having tv Internet or land-line phone is making me feel TOTALLY disconnected from the REAL world... I feel totally isolated in this house in the woods, as if we were the only sign of civilization for miles and miles - which of course isn't true what-so-ever. But regardless of the facts... the realness of the situation is there for me.

6. - Bryan is bowling tonight... which usually doesn't bother me... and really doesn't bother me tonight either, but does make me feel a little lonely because he is out with people and doing something fun, and here I am... blogging by paper at the kitchen table. lol

this is almost like post partum depression only i didn't just have a beautiful baby, i moved into a crazy fun-house from a carnival full of boxes, bags, craziness, chaos, mayhem, MESS, unorganized junk, noise, kids and no where to put it all. And the scariest part of the fun/crazy/mad house is there is NO cable!!

i think part of this problem is that we are only using 1/2 the house right now... the entire down stairs is at a stand still... there is leaks --- yes!! that is plural... leaks in the foundation so all work is halted and we have to try to figure out who can fix this problem for us before we can con't on. we have had some estimates done... so we are waiting to hear from them to see what they say and then take it from there.

Well folks, I'm running out of time... I have to wrap this up and get going... I have to head back to the "new" house so I can talk to the roofers so I can let them know about a chimney coming out of the roof before they get to it... hopefully they are there today working so I don't waste a trip there for no reason. While I'm out there I will probably stay and work on doing a few more things. I'm not sure that I will be back today... but I'm really hoping to be back tomorrow to do some reading. yay!! not sure when the next post will be... but hopefully soon. then if all goes as planned I'll be connected on Monday at some time and lets all keep our fingers crossed that my computer will come back to life... well all know that my computer acts like a crazy bitch with a demon inside and sometimes doesn't want to come back on after being turned off.

that's all for now!!

miss you all. love you all and so glad to see loving comment still from you!! :)

take care... i'll be around as soon as i can.




jenn said...


I wish I lived right next door to you. I would be over there keeping you company and making you un-sad. Believe me, I know how awful it is to have kids around and no nick or disney! Dora is a lifesaver sometimes!

The new home will feel like "home" soon enough. Once everything is unpacked and you can use the downstairs, you will settle in. I know how much you love this house. You do too. Just think how beautiful it will be in a few weeks all decorated for Christmas!

I miss your long, rambling comments on my blog! When you get online, make sure you click on my sidebar where it says I was interviewed, because that is where I answered your questions. And questions from the kids. It's actually one of my favorite posts, ever!

So, chin up my friend. I'm sending good thoughts, and hugs, and love, and un-loneliness vibes your way! Monday is only 5 days aay, and you will make it! Then you'll have your daily therapy, lol, and the kids will have TV!

Love ya, girlie!!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I hope you get your internet up and running soon! I hate being disconnected.

Stephanie said...

Change is never easy, even when you wanted/needed it. I felt sad when we left MA and I hated it there. It's just the idea of having to redo your life.

Everything will work out, hopefully soon for your sanity.

I am looking forward to when you have the time to post pictures. Until then I will continue to check in on you daily.

Good Luck!

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