Thursday, November 6, 2008

i'm here.

i'm here at the computer again today. i'm at my parents house.

things are looking up as far as the new house goes.

we got a tv stand last night... well bryan brought it home with him so we got that set up and the tv is on it so that it will be ready monday to get the cable hooked up to it. yay.

next we have to get a computer desk and get that situated for monday too.

i'm thinking this weekend i will be able to get a bunch more stuff put away in the house too which will make me feel better.

bryan also made me pantry shelves last night so that helped 100% to clean up the kitchen from boxes and get things put away and organized. although i have to "fix" the pantry... i let the girls put the stuff away for me. they did a great job. but it is a little... um... er... messy. lol

i have to get a pic of it before i fix it and post it.

anyway... that is all for now. i'm off to go home and work on some stuff before getting trev from school.

OH! also lauren is getting eaten alive from fleas... we do the med once a month on zoe and all but she is covered in bites and i have found actual fleas on her body... a few on her back and belly and one in her hair... she is constantly itching and it breaks my heart so i'm open for any suggestions that anyone has to get rid of the fleas or make them not want to feed off my daughter. i can't bomb the house... there would be no way for me to clean it all w/ everything all around and out and the mess we have from moving... also not sure where we would stay...

let me know what you all think. my poor baby is getting eaten alive. :( she has about 30 + bites just on her torso. it is horrible.


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's great about the house! Sorry about the fleas. We've put diatomaceous (spelling might be wrong) earth around our house, both outside and in and also bought fresh mint which was supposed to naturally get rid of fleas. It wasn't great though. We also sealed the pillows of our chairs and couch (seat cushions) in big plastic bags. These tricks worked alright, but the winter was really the only thing that got rid of our fleas naturally.

Ayre said...

glad to hear the kitchen is less boxed lol...messy shmessy, it will get sorted out eventually!

I'm not sure about the flea situation...I can't have pets (allergic) so I've never had the problem. Have you googled? Good Luck!!!

LceeL said...

I don't have any idea what to do about a flea infestation, but I'm so glad you're so close to getting back on-line. I miss you - so much.

jenn said...

We has bad fleas in our old house, too. They came in on clothes. It was so hard to get rid of them. We ended up bombing. We used like 5 bombs in an area that really only need 2, but it got rid of the fleas.

Make sure you take a picture of your shelves. I bet they did a great job! :)

jenn said...

Is it monday yet????

Miss you!!!!!!!


Love ya!!!!!!

This Guy said...

Totally awesome that you are getting all moved in, and sorted out in the house!

Okay, about these flea's... My friend Julie had a HUGE outbreak, and here is how we cleaned it up... First, go get a cat flea colar and put it in your vaccum bag, so any fleas you vacume up will die in the bag. Next wash all your laundry in hot hot water, you can even add a few squeezes of a cat or dog flea shampoo to the water - send the bedding and clothes through another cycle to get rid of any soap - it wont iratate the skin, promise! Next get the can of flea spray from your vet, or pet store. Spray the house down. Fleas love to hide under area rugs, by the base boards, everywhere... Wash everything fluffy too, stuffed animals, pillows, everything. You'd be suprised what you can put in the washing machine AND dishwasher and have come out fine... I've washed fake plants in the dishwasher - just run them through the "light china" cycle.. lol Also, wash the animals and give them the flea drops too!!

This sounds pretty easy, but you have to repeat this EVERY OTHER DAY, as fleas hatch every 3 aprox days.... Do this for a week and you will never hear the word flea again!! lol

OH and definatly post a pic of the pantry, i gotta see that! hehehhe ;)

LceeL said...

today is MONDAY!!!! YAY!!! Hurry up cable guy.

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