Monday, November 10, 2008

It's MONDAY!!!

Here I am typing away at my computer, hopefully the cable company will come today and I will be able to copy and paste this to the blog.

First and foremost I’m happy that the computer came back to life. Yay. First try too. What a good boy!

I was worried I would loose all my pictures and stuff I have crammed in this old thing. Thankfully for now it is working just fine. At some point will we need to get a new computer, but for now we are doing okay. J
*** please feel free to skip all this and scroll down to the next ***’s to avoid all the whiney annoying chatter… really go ahead, my feelings will not be hurt in the least… I’m just happy to be able to vent and get it out… but I don’t expect you to subject yourselves to this stuff. ***

WARNING! Surgeon General states that this text may be harmful to your health. Pregnant women, children, adolescents, males of any age and certainly senior citizens should not read this material. If you do read this material you may fall fast asleep. Please continue with caution and consult your physician if you are not feeling back to normal within a few hours.

I’m up with Lauren… it is about 7:32 AM, Bryan has left for work and we are just hanging out. The guys that are doing our roof are here again today… they did the main house on Friday… had to strip it down to the rafters and replace EVERYTHING, thankfully they were able to get the landlord to agree… because he was thinking he wouldn’t have them replace the plywood… just do the new shingles. But there was no way they were going to guarantee the work if they did it that way… and really there is no way to guarantee some thing like that… it was wrong way to do it. It would have been pointless to put up new shingles over the shitty plywood that was there. It was full of mold and mildew and rotten. It did end up costing them about double the original estimate, but it wasn’t anything that could have been prevented… they don’t figure in the cost of plywood until the have the shingles stripped and can see what is under them. So we now are going to have a nice brand new roof… $11,642 later. Yay!! And truthfully even if we were paying for the roof to be done, we would have done it the same way… there is no doubt… you have to do things right or why bother doing them?? Today they are here to the roof of the old porch… that is now a closed in room which is our playroom, and well for now mine and Bryan’s bedroom.

We are now having other issues with the house and landlord… ugh. I’m not even sure I feel like typing about them, but I guess since is like therapy and I cannot afford a real therapy session, although I could probably use a few years worth… I’ll vent about it here.

We have to have the foundation fixed… it leaks. We need to have them excavate around the foundation, and put in drains and stone and then clean and seal the foundation and back fill where they dug out. We have gotten a bunch of estimates, one was for $16,600 and one was for $4,500 one is a more extensive plan for how to fix the foundation problem and one is what we are going to end up having to go with because… are you ready…

Yeah… here goes The Lamest Thing I‘ve Heard In A While, not ever, but in a while…

Well lets back track some before I get to The Lamest Thing I’ve Heard In A While, shall we…

We are renting this house with option to buy… we have a contract for two years and we are signed and ready to go… we have an agreement for fixing the downstairs, which was all mold and would have NEVER been able to be sold to anyone the way it was… the agreement was we do the work and they pay for materials, fair deal since we would both benefit from it… they are getting the work done without the cost of labor and we are getting the downstairs re-done without the cost of materials… win-win situation for everyone involved. So it comes time for us to start purchasing materials… they want us to lay out the money upfront and they will reimburse us when we give them receipts and they were willing to shell out $2,600 to fix it. Well so far we have laid out a lot of money, and we have paid for everything that has had to be done here… we rented the 20 yard roll-off and paid for it to be dumped and we also have paid for all materials to start repairing the downstairs. Along the way while working down stairs we noticed that the water heater was leaking… so they said they would replace that too, we got a price for a new 40 gal electric water heater, and they were to give us the money for that, but we got an updated gas instant and continuous water heater that is more efficient and “green” compared to the electric one. We paid the difference for the better water heater since it will benefit us and it was what we wanted… no big deal… ONLY now they have given us about $1,800 towards the downstairs and paid for the water heater, and that is it… they are out of money.

WHAT?!?!?! You say. Me too! WHAT??? Out of WHAT?? Out of money?? What does that mean…

The Lamest Thing I Have Heard In A While… although they are the landlord and this is ALL their responsibility… they are OUT OF MONEY!! They are NOT sending any more. They are paying for the roof, which was part of the initial agreement… even if we were going to buy the house instead of the rent and buy option… but they aren’t happy with the extra expenses of fixing it… but it is what HAD to be done.

So this is pretty much what all that crap means… WE ARE SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are out the rest of the money we have already laid out to fix the downstairs, and we are definitely OUT the money we have to still layout to fix the downstairs… that is all going to be on us… and we have to fix it… otherwise we have only half the living space we were planning on and NEED… we are also out the money for the tarps that we were told to buy to help with the leaking foundation… (they were pricey ones from Home Depot so that it would help keep water away from the foundation… and we would have NEVER bought them if we knew we weren’t going to get the money back, they weren’t a necessity… although the realtor told us to get them and that we would be reimbursed)

We are also SCREWED on the foundation work as well. The landlord cannot pay for it to be fixed… which means that all work is at a standstill till we can get it done. No use fixing the downstairs with new insulation and sheetrock if it will only get water damage from the damn leaky foundation and need to be ripped out and replaced ~ which we had to do under the stairs… not replace it yet, but rip it out. NOT fun!! SO the landlord would like us to pay for the foundation work. Either from savings, take a loan or a cash advance on our credit card. WHAT?? Yeah. And it will be take off the rent… sure. Who gives a crap that it will be taken off the rent. We don’t pay our rent months in advance at one time… what the hell??? WE also have ONE income and three children… and if no one else noticed Christmas is right around the corner, and also some COLD winter weather… and we have partial electric heat. (we are converting to gas, but it is costly and that is something we are doing, so it is at our own expense… as we are quickly learning EVERYTHING else here is at our expense too!)

The thing I try to express most to my lovely husband is that this is NOT our house… there is also NO guarantee that this will ever be our house… we have a contract sure, but that is just a contract it can be changed or ended, really what would or could be do about it… so why should WE lay out ANY money at all into someone else’s house??? That is just like driving down a road and picking someone’s house at random, stopping by and telling them, “It looks like you can use a new roof, and some new windows… here is a check for $20,000. Have a great day!” I know we are living here NOW, so it is a little different and does benefit us… but all in all it is NOT our house… it is someone else’s house. AND if he is having financial problems then who is to say that he won’t loose this house… it isn’t his primary residence so if something happens, like bankruptcy or foreclosure it will to this house… not the one that keeps his stupid ass warm and cozy.
**** Start reading now… to skip all the venting, whining and crying… ****
Anyway… I’m done venting. It’s taken me all day to type this much… I have been trying to get things done around the house and down stairs so that when we are able to finish up the work all our crap won’t be in the way! I feel pretty good. I accomplished a lot… but I’m really tired for some reason. Not sure why. Maybe I’m not sleeping as well as I did in the other house, just yet, or something because lately I’m so exhausted.

So the kids are upstairs watching a movie… they are being pretty good today, I’m thankful. I got a lot of things sorted out down stairs. I have a bunch of bags of clothes and some small toys to give to friends for their kids. I have some things for Melissa for Leland, and I have some things for Walter and Leah ~ Walter is my nephew and Leah is a baby that my SIL watches and has every week so I thought I’d see if she wanted any clothes for her. Then I also have a ton of clothes for my friend Dianna who has a little girl and is also pregnant. I’m so happy to be able to give these clothes to people that will use them and appreciate them. I love getting hand-me-downs for the kids… it is like Christmas for us. J So I’m happy to pay it forward. I have about 20 garbage bags and 1 contractor bag of clothes to give away! Also this helps to clean out downstairs.

I always thought I would love to open a consignment shop, but that won’t be happening… at least not now… maybe in the future. I had been also thinking that I would try to sell some of the clothes and toys in a yard sale, but that hasn’t happened either… so I’m just as happy to give them away to friends. J

I’d like to keep some things for when Heather has a baby, but there will be time for me to get her new things for her baby and I’m sure some where there will be others that will give her hand-me-downs. J

It is kind of bittersweet to pack up baby stuff… I know my baby days are behind me… and I’m looking forward to toddler and ~ hmmm… what is Trevor considered… school age?? Hmmm… anyway, I’m enjoying these years and watching them learn and change and grow. I do love babies, but they only stay little for so long… and really it seems to go by in a blink and I sure am loving three and five year olds ~ most days!! LOL My three year olds are definitely giving me a run for my money.

Who ever said having twins would get easier, never said it got harder first. I think my girls were so much easier when they were newborns, then they are now at three. But then again, they were easiest when I was pregnant with them. J I do see how things will get easier. I see it already with certain things… like them being potty trained and feeding themselves and always having a playmate the same age… so things are going well. I could do with a little less drama and crankiness… but of course I’m sure my husband, family and friends could say the same about me. LOL

Anyway… I’m still typing this one Works Word Processor, because the cable company hasn’t come yet… HOLY… I just say the word and then who calls… the cable company. They are on their way. They are coming from town, so that isn’t too bad. Good. I’m anxious to have the world wide web at my finger tips!!

Anyway… I guess since they are coming I should try to organize the basement some more and get some of these bags out of the way…

I’m sure I’ll be around later… after all I’ll be CONNECTED!!! Woo hoo!!!


Pregnantly Plump said...

What a mess! I am so sorry about the landlord situation, that is just awful! Hate that the contract can't force them to pay for the stuff they agreed to pay for.

Momisodes said...

I'm so sorry I'm here late. It's been a crazy week here. And it sounds like it's been just as crazy over there! I'm so sorry this is happening to you. What an incredible headache! I'm sure this is awful having this loom over your heads, especially now that you're moved in and getting ready for winter. I wish I had some advice, or even knew of some legal advice. Just know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers and I'm hoping this all works out for you.

p.s. You are so sweet to hand down your children's clothes! We love getting hand-me-downs from my niece. Clothes are so expensive!

Stephanie said...

Oh Holy H*ll that is one big mess. I am sorry this is happening. I understand not wanting to sink in more money when there is no guarantee.

I haven't been around my blog lately. Life is pretty dull right now, it's cold and gloomy. I am already entering my winter sadness. It doesn't usually kick in until after the holidays. It's been coming and going though. When Kale comes home it will be better. He was sad this weekend, missing us really badly. Only 36 more days until he's home for Christmas. I think it will be even harder saying goodbye this next time. :(

My three year old woes are up and down each day. She is really like a woman with PMS, perfectly fine one minute and just beside herself the next. It's horrible. And man Aidan has had some major attitude lately. I don't get it.

Well I will ramble at you later. :P

jenn said...

I know exactly what you mean about the house. When we walked away from our "rent to own" we had put so much money into it. Money we will never see again. I would definitely be careful. If the original agreement was they pay, and you have a contract, how can they just decide to change things? Did you go through a realtor? I would see what he/she could do.

I guess the bright side could be that you got a brand new roof!

I am soooooo happy you are back online!!! I expect long winded, rambling comments on every post for the next week, okay? lol! I have missed you way too much!!!!!

It's early here, and I have 2 out of 3 kids home with tummy issues. Nobody is puking, yet, but even my tummy is a little upset. This should make for a fun day!!!!!

I'll be back around later!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~