Monday, November 10, 2008

Midnight blogging

I'm up. I would be sound asleep if it weren't for waiting on laundry to dry. My blankets to be exact. Today while the roofers were fixing our roof there was some sort of problem and some how a bunch of sawdust and dust from foam insulation and worst of all CARPENTER ANTS fell from the ceiling in there and they got all over everything including my bed and bedding. ugh. I cleaned most of the mess... I found some stuff that I missed while vacuuming, but nothing major... and I've been washing my bedding. It isn't going to bad, just it is late and I'm tired and wish I was sleeping already.
I would maybe be further along with my washing too, but we had some company tonight... which was nice. Heather and Chris came over, they picked up the other part of hutch that my brother gave me, that I passed on to them. It was nice, very nice... beautiful even, but too big for my kitchen. And also Melissa and Leland came over for a visit. :) It was nice. Melissa and her family live only 5 houses up the road from us... so that is good. I also was able to drop off the 7 bags of clothes and potty chair to her after we all visited.
Anyway... Trevor is off from school tomorrow for Veteran's Day. I didn't know that. I kept him home today for the cable company to come... darn it. If I had planned better I would have scheduled it for tomorrow so he didn't have to miss school for no reason. Oh well, can't change it now. And, thank goodness Chris was looking at the lunch menu for school or I would have tried to send Mr. Trevor off to school tomorrow... although I'm sure we would have figured something out when we got there and no one was there. At least I hope we would have.
So tomorrow I think I will try to pass along some more of the bags of clothes we have. I have two for my nephew and three or four for the baby my SIL has part of the week. I think I'll try to take them, then maybe see if I can get a hold of the other girl and take them to where she works... if she has a way of getting them home... I have the most for her.
I also still have a LOT more stuff to go through but at least I'm getting rid of a bunch of our clutter. yay!!
I think I have stalled enough time that when I'm done with this the one blanket in the dryer might be done, and I can throw the other one in and jump in the shower, then hopefully that will be done and I can head off to bed.
Sleep tight y'all... don't let the bedbugs or carpenter ants bite ~ I know I'm hoping not to.


jenn said...

UG....I hate ants!!!! Were they at least dead ants? Live ones are so much harder to deal with.

Hope you got some good rest....but I'm guessing not because I still have the post above this one to read.

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