Tuesday, November 11, 2008

12 Random Thoughts I'm Having...

The dryer isn't even close to being done... so since I have to be up anyway... and will probably have a very hard time staying awake if I were to try to watch tv... here I am. :)
I also want to try to catch up on some posting so that I can make my 365 posts for this year. I know it isn't the same as blogging every single day, but I knew when this started I would not be able to do that...
OH!! I just realized it is November, when NaBloPoMo started the whole blog for a month straight every day and then the crazy idea of blogging for 365 days came about... wow. duh. I'm really behind on everything... even the thought process for most things.
Anyway... here are 12 random things that are on my mind...
1. why did I pick 12? there are a lot of things on my mind, way more than twelve. I usually like the number four, not sue why I didn't go with 14, but 12 is good. :)
2. my feet are cold, and my nose too. I hate winter. I'm sad that the warmer weather we were having again is gone. :( I don't want to see snow again either. that sucked. I'm good for a while, maybe only on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.
4. I'm very anxious for Christmas this year. My kids are at the best ages, they are 5 and 3 and they are very excited for Christmas and Santa this year too. :)
5. To be very honest, I'm not sure what Christmas will be like this year. We are kind of broke because of dumping money left and right into this house, and we still have more money to go... BUT I have to say that Bryan always figures out some way to pull things together and make it work out perfectly. Thank God for that.
6. I am just like a big kid, on Christmas Eve, I have the hardest time falling asleep. I am so anxious for Christmas to be here that I just can't wait. I like to say now it is because of getting to see my children's faces and how excited and happy they are... which is definitely true, but I have always been like this!! I just love Christmas and the joy of it all and to have children just makes it that much better!!
7. I hate living in the woods. I mean I love the woodsy feel and that the lake is near-by but I hate living on a twisty turny road that has no lines on it and that you can't really go over 35 mph on... I think mostly I don't like it because I feel so far from everyone... and really by everyone I mean my parents.
8. My mom and I had a great afternoon on Sunday... and it was nice to have some time with just me and her... that doesn't usually happen because of the kids.
9. My feet are getting colder and colder. I'm on the cement floor and only have socks on. I'm also very tired and cannot wait to hit the sheets. I know as soon as my head hits the pillow I will be out. Today while watching a movie for about 5 minutes with the kids I fell asleep. I forced myself to get up and do more things to stay awake. (this was also while they were working on our roof)
10. Bryan and I are all caught up on our TrueBlood watching. I'm disappointed that there are only two more episodes left. :( Bummer! I wonder if they will ever make more episodes. I hope so. For some reason we both really LOVE that show.
11. I'm anxious to go see the Twilight movie. I'm reading the book again to be able to really compare the book to the movie. And I'm really enjoying it... I usually cannot read a book more than once... this one I'm not having a problem with for some reason.
12. I hope Stephanie Meyers writes the Midnight Sun book that she started... which is Edwards prospective on how things first went with him and Bella. What I read online so far is great. I would love to read a whole book of it.
I'm off. Dreamland here I come... or maybe not, I may be too tired to dream tonight... we'll see.


jenn said...

OMG....I LOVE LOVE LOVE trueblood!!!! I did not like the coming attractions for next week....it looks like bill is on sookie's bad side, and she is turning to sam. WTF???? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!!!

Oh, and I also love christmas, and am the same exact way as you. I never sleep on Christmas Eve! Too much anticipation.

Stephanie said...

I never been able to sleep Christmas Eve and I believed in Santa until I was 13. Mostly because my mom always said "Why would you want to stop believing in someone who brings you so much?" Cleaver, isn't she?

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