Monday, October 6, 2008

My Evening...

I know I'm a horrible mom for not posting something wonderful about my beautiful girls that just turned three today, but I will. I have something started... but for some reason I'm feeling very anxious right now and can't really put down what I want to convey.
So... instead I thought I would post all about my afternoon/evening...
Here is how it went... at 2:30 PM I left the "new" house to go to pick Trevor up from school. On the way there Lauren fell asleep and Brooke complained to me the entire way that she wanted to sit in Trevor's booster seat... I finally pulled over and gave in... it was MUCH easier than listening to her complain and whine... PLUS it is her bday and she should get whatever she wants (within reason) that makes her happy. :) And sitting in the booster seat did make her all smiley and happy!!
We went in the school and talked to the NURSE... I will tell all about my tale of woes with the nurse today in another post... I do have to make it to 365 people!! ;) Anyway... I talked to the nurse then I got Trevor we signed out and off we went home.
We pulled in the driveway, I got the mail then let Trevor sit on my lap and "drive" us in the driveway... he LOVES doing this and at our "new" house the driveway is way too steep for him to do it so we have to get it all in now. :)
We got out of the truck, I told the kids they could play outside... it was pretty nice out. They all came in. I immediately started cleaning and doing things... AFTER I posted the post before this one. lol You all know I'm a procrastinator. LOL :D Anyway... this is what I cleaned/did...
*I started the dryer and washer.
*I put away all the clean dishes.
*Helped Lauren go potty
*Changed Brooke b/c she had a peepee accident in the bathroom... hate when that happens. :(
*Made Trevor hot chocolate to make his throat feel better
*Gave all the kids a snack
*Took the wet washclothes and towels out the bathroom down to the laundry
*Took dirty clothes down the laundry
*I started washing the dirty dishes that *BLUSH* were full in the sink, on the counter next to the sink and on the stove top. (please don't judge... I'm not usually like this... just a LOT going on now)
*I got all the groceries in out of the back of the truck and put them away.
*I cleaned the kitchen counter off
*I piled up all of Brooke & Lauren's new bday presents and made it more organized
*I emptied the garbage and collected all the misfit stuff around the house to start a new bag
*I took care of more laundry
*I put away more clean dishes
*I washed more dirty dishes
*I started dinner ~ spaghetti & meatballs
*I let Trevor help me make dinner
*I packed about 10 boxes in the back of the truck
*I went to the barn and found all the tarps I could see and loaded them up too
*I went searching HIGH and low to find construction garbage bags... found em! & loaded em!
*I feed the kids dinner
*while they ate, I loaded in the truck :
**the microwave
**plates (real ones)
**serving utensils
**soap & hand towel
**dish soap & sponge
*I then packaged up dinner and took it to feed Bryan, Kevin & Chris dinner
*I feed them dinner
*I cleaned it all up
*I took the dishes back to the truck
*I brought in the boxes out of the truck
*I visited with Melissa and the guys
*I came home and put Lauren and Brooke to bed (they were sleeping in the truck)
*I carried Trevor in too and he is watching some tv before bed
I am going :
*clean the bathroom
*do more laundry
*wash up the new dirty dishes
*clean up the kitchen
*pack at least 4 boxes
*take a shower
this isn't even including what I did today at the "new" house and all the running around Bryan, the girls and I did... but since I'm milking the posting stuff I will wait for another post to tell you all about that.
Sorry still no pics... I'm not sure how to get them on the computer and I keep forgetting to ask my mom... duh!! But soon I promise!! :)
have a good night... I'm off.


This Guy said...

Happy Birthday to the Girls!!

Sounds like you had one hell of a day!!

LOL Thats cute, letting him "drive" your car into the driveway!! My Grandpa used to let me do that too!! One of the first memories I have of him! So sweet! :)

You are an AWESOME mom with SUPER kids!! :) Don't ever forget that!! I know as kids we can be messy, and loud, and try your patience, I sure did with my mom... I remember the one day I was "sass mouthing her" (I was about 4 but had a mouth like a trucker) and she told me to either be quiet or go to my room, so I picked up the garden hose and soaked her! LOL I was bad!! I'm sure your kids are MUCH better behaved! LOL

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Don't beat yourself up! We're moving too (well, pretty much done now) and even with DH doing so much, I still felt like I was drowning! It would be nice if ordinary life stopped while you were moving. Doing both at once, is really trying!
Hope everyone is feeling better now.

jenn said...

Holy crap girl...I need a nap now! You are one busy chick! I have days like that, too. No matter what you do, there is always something else to do. But, it sounds like today should be a somewhat easier day. What else is there to do besides pack, clean some more, take care of, us moms never get a break, do we?

Pregnantly Plump said...

What a busy day! Moving can be so stressful. Hope you guys all get a good rest soon!

Stephanie said...

Wow, you do more in a day then I do most weeks (months). :P

Can't wait for pictures.

LceeL said...

Belated Happy Birthday to the girls. And I would be happy to help you with getting the pictures on your computer. And it could all be handled via email.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~