Tuesday, November 25, 2008


tuesday morning. it snowed and rained last night. i'm not sure which it did more of... but thankfully there isn't much of anything on the ground at the house.

there is a two hour delay for school. unfortunately Trevor won't be going to school today anyway because my poor little guy is sick again throwing up. :( oh the joys of sending your children to school.

he was up this morning around 5:30 and was asking me to rub his belly. so i did... as i was hoping that he would just fall asleep and not be sick. no such luck. he threw up. :( i'm doing some laundry and typing this while he is feeling better and playing playstation. i hope he is done with throwing up and feels better. we'll see.

i also hope that no one else gets it. although i could stand to loose a few pounds, i'm just not into throwing up... not at all. although if it could be me, of course, instead of him, i would gladly be throwing up this morning in his place.

i hate when my kids are sick. :( i hate when any one's kids are sick.

well that's all i got.
i'm too exhausted and worn out to type anything else. for some reason i think this is going to be a really LONG week. although most of yesterday was a really GREAT day!!

i'll have to type later about the girls' and my wonderful visit with my cousins, their second cousins and my aunts. it was a really nice day... one that i hope we can do again. :)


jenn said...

Poor Trevor! I hope it was just something he ate and he's over it by now. I hate throwing up, too. I can't even deal with the kids throwing up, or I start. If they don't make it to the potty, hubby has to clean it up, not me. Gross.

Okay...enough puke talk! lol! Gotta head to kasi's scholl to pick up her chorus gown and shoes. I'll be around later.

Have a good day :)

jenn said...

Crap...school, not scholl...

Kristi said...

I hope the rest of you can stay healthy. When the boys and I had it a couple of weeks ago, somehow my husband escaped it, for which I was grateful. He is worse than the kids when he is sick.

I hope Trevor feels better soon.

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