Friday, November 28, 2008

84 & counting

as i sit here, i should be doing a million and three other things. tonight Bryan and i are going to drop the kids off at my parents house and then head off to do some more Christmas shopping. more... only from today. this was the first of our Christmas shopping days. usually we already have some things but with everything going on this year it just didn't work out that way. but it seems that we are now in with the swing of things and will be making some great progress. :)

my mom offered for her and my dad to keep the kids so we could do some shopping with out them, because they are just getting too smart and too old to shop with. they catch on so quick. especially Trevor. last year we thought we did good. yeah. not so good. we sucked at sneaking. not that he got discouraged about Santa or anything that is still ALL GOOD... thankfully. but just he remembered us buying this or that.

just when you think they aren't paying attention. huh?

i'm excited to get more presents for them and hopefully find some of the things that i couldn't find this morning... and i'm also excited for some time with out the kids. it will be nice. it has been a long time since Bryan and i have done anything with out kids... i think the last thing we did actually was Bryan's cousins wedding when Heather babysat for us. it's time. ;)

anyway... the kids are all excited to get to go to my parents house too, so that is good. Trevor took a nap for me... he has been better about it than the girls. :) and the girls played in their room, semi-quiet this afternoon, i vegged on the couch... so needless to say, i have some cleaning and straightening to do before we leave so that when my mom and dad bring the kids back over here later for us they don't come into a messy house. (not that they would care at all, and not that it is that messy, just not perfect)

so anyone that knows me, knows that i'm blogging RIGHT NOW because i'm queen of procrastinating... so yeah, i should really get up and do some things so i'm not stressed. plus i have to dress the three kids and myself before we go.

Bryan will be home at 4:30 or so.... i guess i only have a little bit of time to get things done. it will only take him about 15 mins to shower and get ready to walk out the door. MEN! they have it so easy!!

i'm sure i'll be around again some time soon. :)
happy Friday!!


jenn said...

Hope you enjoyed your "alone" time with bryan. lol!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I hope you had a nice time!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~