Friday, November 28, 2008

83 & counting... down

so i just had the kids do some cleaning in their rooms. usually they don't do that great of a job, OR i end up helping them, which pretty much means that i do it all by myself. ugh.

i was wondering a few things:

  • what age did you start to have your children or what age do you think children should help do chores around the house?
  • what kinds of chores do you have your children do?
  • do you think that children should be rewarded for chores?
  • do you think that children should be paid an allowance for doing chores or helping out?
  • IF you do think they should be rewarded or paid, how much and how often do you think this should happen?

my kids are little still. five and three. although my five year old does want to help out. just not always with the things that i would like for him to do... such as clean up his room with out my help or me having to beg, yell and nag him to do it. the girls are still little-ish and i feel like they will be my BIG helpers when they are older. i know i like to help my mom out... so i'm hoping it will be the same for them. we'll see.

well i guess i should get back to my chores. i did get a lot done, and surprisingly i'm feeling less tired since getting up and doing some things rather than laying on the couch vegging.


jenn said...

My kids help out around the house daily. Ryan does the trash, and puts away the clean dishes. Kasi does laundry. Brandi can pick up the floors and such, and tries to help kasi with the laundry, but she is still a little young to be totally responsible for anything. None of them keep their rooms clean, but on a daily basis I don't mind. It's their space, and if they want to live like pigs, that's their choice. They are not allowed food in their rooms, so it's just toys and laundry thrown about, not nasty stuff.

I do not give them an allowance. They are part of this family so they should help keep the house running smoothly. I will, however, let them get something small at the store when we shop on hubby's paydays. I know some people think giving an allowance teaches that working hard has it's rewards, but I don't want the kids growing up thinking they should be paid to help out family. Make sense?

I did get an allowance growing up. I turned out okay :)!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I have just now gotten serious about my kids doing chores, and I wish I'd done it earlier. They are 7, 9, 13 and 15. They put away their own laundry and the older 2 will start a load occasionally. They do dishes, sweep, mop, empty trash cans, and are expected to keep their rooms clean. They do get allowances.

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