Wednesday, November 12, 2008


it is freezing out today. and i'm so not ready for this kind of cold weather!! uh! the kind that cripples you and makes you want to stay in bed all day long and never move again till spring.

okay, enough about that.

last night while i was looking for ideas for the kids for Christmas, the were all saying things that they wanted and one of the things that Lauren and Brooke really want is a "puter"!! you know... a com-puter! only they just call it a puter. I guess it is their pet name for it. lol

Trevor told me about some games that he wishes to have... some board games, so I'm good with that... and the girls want Hungry Hungry Hippo's... which I think my parents are going to get them. that is all i got for now.

i was sort of thinking about leapsters for the girls, from Leap Frog... but they are for 4 and up so i'm not too sure... plus that takes an idea away from next year. and i'm not sure, if i'm spending the money anyway, that i should go with the basic leapster only because they are a little on the young side, or just wait it out and when they are age appropriate get them the better, or more advanced one.

still thinking that one over.

there are some games for the leapster l-max that we can get for Trev and they are great. they are learning games and he really enjoys playing them. they work for long car rides and resting at nap time for him. :)

today my parents are off to do some holiday shopping... so i'm sure they will come up with some great ideas for the kids... i'll have to see what they get and maybe we can add to it or something. but i think i'm getting more along the lines of Sandy from Momisodes... teach the children to give this year instead of getting a HUGE amount of toys and what not under the tree... keep it more simple. they will be happy with whatever they get. they are good like that.

although they do say they want everything from on every commercial on television they are pretty understanding about the fact that they won't actually get it. :) they are good kids and very understanding for three and five year olds. i'm really lucky.

well i'm off to wake up those beautiful children and get them ready to take Trevor to school, although I really dread going outside today, we have to go. :(

have a great day! and stay warm!


Rhea said...

We're a little chilly here, but not COLD. Stay warm!!

My kids used to want everything they saw in every commercial. UGH advertising.

I get lots of magazines, so I look through them for ideas. And have the boys look through them...until we got the Lego catalog...and Remy circled every single item in it. lol

Tammy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Every toy commercial my 3 year old sees he wants that toy for Christmas. LOL He keeps asking for Hungry Hungry Hippo too. My daughter had that game when she was about 5 and that is the noisiest game ever. I'm hoping he'll change his mind about that one. ;o)

Have a great day!

jenn said...

We love board games! Sorry is boo's current favorite. I like that kasi and ryan are now old enough to play clue. I love that game! Last year my mom got brandi a barbie laptop computer, and it is just like a real laptop, only it plays all learning type games. She loves it! Your girls may still be too young for that. I have no idea what we're gonna do this year. Christmas is creeping up, and hubby just had his hours at work's always something!

Enjoy the rest of your night, and try and stay warm!

Kristi said...

My 4 year old is getting a leapster this year. My six year old got one last year and I thought about moving him into the new didj, but decided that I can just get him older games for the leapster and not have to start buying games all over again.

Hungry Hippos is a favorite in our house. I am getting Noah Guess Who? for Christmas. It was always fun to play when we were little.

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