Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Digging Deep

So in my search to dig deep to find some great blogging material or something to post about to get to 40! I went into my "Drafts" ... and damn it was scary in there... BUT I managed to dig up 11 old posts... some are good... some are lengthy and wordy and okay... some are short and okay... and some are pathetic... but WHATEVER they are posts none-the-less. So there... I only have 29 to go ~ that seems more do-able.

Also I have a private blog... that I have four posts on and although they are available to the public it is still four times I posted this year... so I'm counting them too... so I'm really down to 25!! I think that maybe I might get this 365 posts this year... but then again, don't go holding your breath... it might not happen.

still asking for help and what not... any funny stories, guest bloggers welcome... and also any memes or bloggy material... send it my way!!

xoxoxo thanks a bunch


jenn said...

What private blog????? You holding out on me????

Jennifer said...

You could always do the a-z book/movie meme if you haven't done those already. =)

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