Wednesday, December 17, 2008


How great is it that they broke my water pipe and wire while digging around the foundation?
How Great is that?
Okay they fixed it... which was pretty great.
But then yesterday while back filling the ditch they dug, the did something that is now shorting out the water pump...
How great is that??

Trevor got up this morning not feeling well AGAIN,
stomach pains again.
How great is that?

Trevor has been throwing up all morning.
How great is that?

I have an appointment for him tomorrow so we can figure out why
EVERY week this poor boy is vomiting,
how great is is that I can get him in tomorrow?

My Mom is stressing and upset with us about the old house
and stuff that is there that needs to be taken care of,
which we do plan on taking care of, just we have been having a lot going on,
but now she is mad... how great is that?

I told Bryan that he had to get some things done at the old house,
and he gives me a big attitude and gets upset with me.
How great is that?

It is after 10:00 AM and we still have NO water.
Contractor was going to be here FIRST THING IN THE MORNING
(his exact words!)
that means NO water to brush teeth,
wash hands,
flush the toilet,
wash out throw up from bowls,
clean wash clothes from cleaning Trevor's face off.
How great is that?
Call the contractor that is supposed to fix it, and he isn't home,
his wife says he will show up eventually.
How great is that?
Called the other contractor he said he is going to track someone down
and get them over here.
How great is that, that he is going to get someone here?


jenn said...

AW......I love ya!



Just trying to make you smile.

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