Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mess Makers

Last night I found this orange-ish stain on the front of the dishwasher. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it could have been. It looked like a spaghetti sauce stain... only we hadn't had spaghetti sauce in a LONG time.

I asked the kids if they had any idea of what it could be. And, of course, no one knew. It must have been the mystery child that lives here that did it. I thought maybe it was the dog, but wasn't sure what she could have gotten into to make that kind of mark on the dishwasher. (I only blame the dog or think it could be her, because she has been REALLY REALLY bad lately... like ~find a new home~ kind of bad). Bryan tried to clean it for me, since I had gone to paint... it didn't all come off, which pissed me off because it is a brand new dishwasher and is all white. AHHH!!

So I put painting on hold to go check it out... that is how much it was bugging me. I went up and took Clorox spray and a Magic Eraser and it did the trick... only I noticed a little sticker that said... "peel off protective adhesive". So that is what I did... Voila that did the trick. Who knew there was still protective stuff on there. So once it was taken care of... I asked the kids again if anyone knew what happened to it... they all said they didn't know.

Later Lauren and I were cuddeling on the couch and I asked her if she knew what happened to Mommy's dishwasher. That I wouldn't be upset, I just really wanted to know. So sure enough she came clean that she stamped on it with her Halloween stamp because I wouldn't give her paper... hmm... I can't believe I forgot about the Halloween stamp when I saw the stain on the dishwasher... duh! So I thanked her for being honest and told her she has to tell the truth the next time from the beginning of the story. Then of course Brooke tells me that she knew Lauren did it... but she didn't want her to get in trouble. uh! Twins!! The won't even rat each other out for this kind of stuff imagine the stuff I'm going to have to deal with later on in life with them.

BUT the kicker of this story is that today I painted the wall in the kitchen... and it actually came out pretty descent... we are going to re-do the entire kitchen at some point anyway... but this just made it way more comfy and homey... so anyway... I painted it and let it dry. As I was hanging stuff back up on the walls I notice BLACK PEN on the wall...

WHAT THE???? Yup!! Lauren struck AGAIN!! This time I knew who had done it because she was walking around with her new Christmas pen... which got taken away from her and she had to go to her room for time-out. I was so flippin' mad... it was the wall I had JUST painted. SHIT.

I can't even try to clean with anything yet, because I'm sure the paint isn't set up all the way... and I don't want to mess it up. BUT it is driving me crazy to see it there. UGH!! Damn kids.

I'm going to take a picture of it so you can all see just what I'm talking about. ----> I'll be back.


jenn said...

Don't you know by now that THAT is exactly how life goes with kids! lol! I'm so glad mine are past the "marking" phase. I love that your kids remind me of the things mine have outgrown. I just have to hide all those things when carson comes to visit! lol!

Oh, and I'm sure you'll get it off as soon as the paint is set.

Aubrey said...

I didn't know you had a mystery child too. Oh yeah. I have a ink striker too. Hell, colored pencils and crayons for that matter.
Deep breaths Jennifer. Deep breaths.

Stephanie said...

You should see the room that Aidan occupied the first year we lived here (it now belongs to Delilah). She found a pencil one day and drew gigantic monsters all over two walls. And on a third, she painted it with nail polish, lip medex, and lip stick/gloss. Gotta love them.

Our Halloween stamps (did you get yours from Target too? My aunt gave them to the girls, all four girls.) made it onto Sophia and Aidan's clothing and then into the trash. It won't come out, very irritating. My aunts are good at giving them stuff that makes messes. And they thrive on that.

Hope your evening went better!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

OMGosh! These stories are too funny! We threatened everyones lifein our families the first time a crayon made its evil way into my dryer!! Oh yeah, I was ready to kill! BLUE CRAYON ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF MY DRYER...AND MY CLOTHES!! Fat girl clothes aren't cheap!!! So I told everyone don't waste your money with crayons and color books, thanks but no thanks and they quit sending them for holidays and b-days!

I feel your pain, lol!

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