Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting There...

AND where exactly is there you ask?? There is here. AND here is a comfy home that has insulation, walls and paint on them. :)

We still have more to do and further to go, but we are getting closer to being done. :) Today I painted the hallway from the bar to our bedroom, and by the stairs, and then I went a little crazy and painted ONE wall in the kitchen, as an accent wall and also because we are using the paint for downstairs and I'm not sure we will have enough to finish the little bit by the stairs ~ (it didn't get painted today because we forgot to prime it last night and it is small sections near wood and carpet, so I'm not feeling like messing with it today, maybe later but definitely NOT NOW!!) but anyway... I think we may have enough for me to do the rest of the kitchen... but even if I don't get to... I like the way it came out... it gave it some life some color... it was all white and didn't look very inviting or comfy.

I also did some laundry which I haven't done in a few days, so we are backed up some... but thankfully I am down to only a few more loads... although I may have to wash all the winter coats because they are dusty from sanding the spackeling. ugh. As is the rest of the house. I'm going to go work on cleaning that too... I'm going to start downstairs by the WOman Cave and work my way up... I'm not really feeling like doing this... but I have to. I think I burnt myself out this morning with cleaning some and painting... it tired me right out.

My hands also really hurt from holding the paintbrush and the roller... I had to cut in a lot with the paintbrush and that just kills me. I could barely keep a hold of it after a while.

BUT enough complaining... WE ARE MAKING SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS!! yay!! This is definitely calls for a celebration... so our New Years Eve Party will be a good time to celebrate everything. :)

A NEW HOME that is FINALLY coming together

Well I have to go wipe some one's tushy... I wonder how old the girls will be when they will wipe their own tushes and do a good enough job so I let them do it??? Hmmm... something else I will be thinking about. ;) lol


AndreaLeigh said...

wow! you are one awesome mama! can you come and paint my house? i'll pay you! lol!

Jennifer said...

andrea... I would love to come paint your house... FREE of charge... it would be like a vacation... I could come alone right?? no kids... no hubby... just me? right?? lol

too bad we didn't live a little closer... i'd definitely help you paint... or do it for you. either way. lol

xoxoxo have a great new years eve.

jenn said...

You go girl! I wanna see some pictures!

Oh, and I threw a party the day Brandi wiped her own butt! We were in the mall yesterday, and my sister asked me to take her littlest, who's five, to the bathroom to poop. My first question was whether or not he could wipe it himself! lol! I am soooo over all that.

Stephanie said...

Wow, if you are offering to paint peoples houses......

When we buy a house (hopefully in 6mths) I will have to send you a plane ticket. ;) I hate painting.

I am happy for you! I imagine it's hard to live in an unfinished house. I remember having to live in a half unpacked house for a month, drove me to tears.

I am lucky that Sophia almost always does a good job tushy wiping, we use the flushable wipes, but when it's tough she calls for help. And she is very OCD about having to wash her hands everytime she goes potty. Not a bad thing, but it takes her like 3 washes to "get the pee or poopy off" (really it's that she likes to play in the water).

April said...

Where are the pictures of the paint job? You are gonna be too tired to party tomorrow night! Get some rest.

Aubrey said...

Another one here that wants to see pictures!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~