Friday, December 19, 2008

No Snow = ????

No Snow = No School of course.

they thought we were supposed to get hit with a major amount of snow, but it hasn't come yet. it was supposedly going to start last night around 10 or 11 PM, still nothing. BUT they did close school county wide. Not sure why.

I love having Trevor home with us... it makes me happy. :) BUT I don't want to have them take days away from their Spring Break because of this nonsense of closing school when there is no reason for it.

Not only is it NOT snowing BUT it isn't doing ANY, not at all. Not rain, not a flurry here or there, no wind... NOTHING.

Oh well. FREE day off from school!!


AndreaLeigh said...

Woo hoo for snow days with no snow! lol! at least you can drive while you are "home bound"!

Stephanie said...

We had two days this week where every school but ours was closed. Monday and today. Monday for snow today for ice. Monday it wasn't that bad and today the roads on post at least weren't bad. My mom said the roads in town are.

jenn said...

Enjoy it! Mine had half a day, and now it's no more until the 5th of January. I hope I am still sane then....

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